Remembering to take your penis enhancement pills

Remembering to take your penis enhancement pills

Men are a busy bunch. Everyone is, actually, but life runs at such a fast pace these days, it's easy to forget things. How many times have you forgotten to return a library book?

Or maybe you commonly forget something at the grocery store; every week, it's something, even if the item is on your grocery list.

So how are you supposed to remember to take your penis enhancement pills daily? Exactly. You're busy. Your head is full of all the other things you're trying to remember, and now this.

You can't exactly ask your wife or your girlfriend or your secretary to remind you, can you? Of course not… but maybe? If you used a secret code word for yourself, one that meant something only to you… Read on for more ideas on how to remember to take your penis enhancement pills every day. 

1. Make taking your penis enhancement pills part of your morning or evening routine. Keep the bottle of penis enhancement pills next to your toothbrush and take on when you brush your teeth in the morning or at night. 

2. Keep the bottle of penis enhancement pills visible. Put the bottle on your bedside table or in the kitchen in the cabinet with your coffee mug. That way, whenever you see it, you'll remember that you need to take one. 

3. Set a reminder. Several online calendars can be set to send daily reminders. If you're the techie type, set your online calendar to remind you to take your penis enhancement pills every day. You don't need to get that specific in your reminder, in case someone else sees it, but maybe you could make up a code name, something only you would know. Say, daily dose or DD would be enough to trigger your memory to do it.

4. In the same vein, write a reminder on your calendar, even just PEP would be more than enough to remind you to take penis enhancement pills. No one will know what this code stands for, and you can just check it off your daily to-do list. 

5. Get a pillbox for your penis enhancement pills. Those fancy pillboxes with the days of the week printed on them would be perfect for your penis enhancement pills. You can fill it up and place it someplace obvious, where you can't miss it; like your night table or on the bathroom counter. It will remind you to take each daily dose without fail. 

6. Plan ahead. When you first begin taking your penis enhancement pills, take your first dose and then put out the next day's pill. You can put it in one of the usual places, near your toothbrush or next to your morning coffee mug. The point is, every day, you'll see it and remember to take it. 

So you see, there are a number of ways to make it easier for yourself to remember to take your penis enhancement pills. They may be one of the most convenient penis enhancement solutions, but if you don't remember to take it every day, then it will not do you any good at all.

So come up with a strategy to make it part of your daily routine, no matter how busy you are, and you'll find it much easier to stick with, and hopefully creating a satisfying experience for you and your partner, when you need it.

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