How to choose a penis enlargement solution

Men who are interested in penis enlargement have many options to choose from.

There are surgical solutions, there are penis enlargement pills and creams, and there are mechanical devices aimed at improving penis girth and length. But how to decide which one is right for you?

There are a couple of different things to consider before you make a final decision. You should think about cost, safety, privacy, and permanence.


Sure, you want to see penis enlargement but at what cost? If you decide to go the surgery route, you can be assured that it will be the most expensive option. Chances are, it may not be covered under your medical insurance, meaning that you'll have to pay the entire cost out of pocket.

You'll need to choose a surgeon, make appointments for consultations, the surgery itself, and follow up visits. Plus, there's the anesthesiologist's fee, and a number of other likely fees. Meanwhile, you can get penis enlargement pills through Internet or mail order companies with considerably less cost.


All penis enlargement solutions come with risks. Surgical penis enlargement options have the same risks of general surgery. You could get an infection or you could have a reaction to the anesthesia. Also, you're very reliant on the doctor's skill; one wrong move and your urinary function could be affected.

If you choose to take pills instead, you may have an adverse reaction to some of the ingredients in the pills. The pills may also react badly with medications that you are already taking, or underlying medical conditions that you're not aware of.

Mechanical solutions like vacuum pumps could cause permanent physical damage if not used properly.


If you're going for penis enlargement surgery, you can be relatively assured of your privacy due to established practices of doctor-patient confidentiality. However, if you're ordering penis enlargement pills or vacuum pumps online, then you cannot be assured of your privacy.

In many cases, Internet and mail order companies will make your contact information available to other companies.


If you go the surgery route, what do you do if you're not happy with the results? Unfortunately, chances are, whatever you've done to your body is permanent, good or bad. On the chance that your results don't have to be permanent, then it requires another expensive surgery to repair.

Alternatively, if you choose a penis enlargement pill or vacuum device and you're not happy with the results, simply stop treatment. There's no withdrawal, no recovery time. You're back to your old self just about immediately.

So before you make a decision to pursue one penis enlargement solution over another, be sure you get all the details up front and make the most educated decision that you can. You want to consider safety, privacy, cost, and permanence at the very least.

There isn't a right or wrong answer here. You need to compare the costs and benefits of each option and see which one fits best with your lifestyle, budget, and physical needs. 

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