Penis enlargement: choosing the best option for you

Now that you've decided that you're interested in penis enlargement and that you're going to take action, you have to pick a treatment for you. There are quite a few options.

There are surgeries, pills, creams, and mechanical devices. All come with pros and cons, from cost, privacy, efficacy, and more. Here's a bit more detail to help you decide.

Penis enlargement surgery

While penis enlargement surgery may provide men with permanent changes to their body, men should be very aware of the risks of any kind of implanted or injected substance in their bodies.

A person's body may reject any foreign substance; there could also be an allergic reaction. As with any surgery, the risk of infection, while small, is real. Also, men considering penis enlargement surgery should be very choosy about the doctor they select to perform the surgery.

Just one wrong move and urinary function could be compromised, leading to complications that far exceed any problem with penis size you thought you had.

Penis enlargement pills

While these pills may be easy to get, it's important to remember that if you're buying them online or through a mail order company, that you don't really know where these medications are coming from. You have no way of measuring the efficacy of the product save for customer testimonials, but how many of those can be faked?

Also, when you buy these products online, you have no way of knowing if any of the active or inactive ingredients may have an adverse reaction with any medications you're already taking.

It is possible that the benefit from these pills is more of a placebo effect, that the pills aren't really making a different but you think that they are so you believe that you see results.

Penis enlargement creams

Like using pills, there are lotions and creams that can be used for penis enlargement purposes. Again, there's no way for consumers to know what's really in the product, especially if you're buying from an Internet or mail order company.

Using medications without a doctor's supervision leaves you with the risk of adverse effect. Again, using a penis enlargement cream may also result in the placebo effect more than an actual change in penis size. The product may appear to work because the user believes that it does.

Manual penis enlargement devices

There are a number of manual penis enlargement devices available for purchase, like hand-held vacuums-like devices. While they make it easy for men to self-treat without the risk of adverse reaction to medication, it's very possible to injure yourself by using the products improperly or overzealously.

The especially unfortunate thing is that sometimes, these injuries can be permanent. When exploring your options for penis enlargement, it's important to keep your overall safety and good health at the forefront of your mind.

Some of these treatments may have other adverse effects. Most will not have long lasting results. The best thing to do is pick two or three options and get as much information as you can before making a decision.

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