Why you should go to your doctor for penis enlargement advice

Why you should go to your doctor for penis enlargement advice

There are a ton of Internet ads, newspaper ads, late night television commercials and even radio commercials that all talk big about penis enlargement products.

Millions of men wonder if those products are worth it. Why not, you think. It's convenient, affordable, and private. But really, you should go to your doctor for any of your penis enlargement needs. Here's why:

Maintain your privacy

Your family physician is well-versed in the idea of doctor-patient confidentiality. Medical records are private as well. You won't get that same assurance when you buy your penis enlargement products from an Internet company or mail order company.

For in most cases, the fine print of your transaction will include the caveat that the company may sell, rent, trade, loan, or otherwise make its customer lists available to other "reputable" companies. But are these really reputable firms?

Or will you just end up on trashy mailing lists with all kinds of inappropriate catalogs coming to your home or spam in your email inbox? Be safe with your private contact information and your medical condition. Take up your penis enlargement needs with your doctor if you want to maintain your privacy.

Take care of your health

When you buy your penis enlargement products online, you can't be sure that what you are ingesting with those pills might not affect or aggravate other existing health problems you may have, some of which you might not know about!

If you go to your doctor for your penis enlargement needs, you doctor can be sure to prescribe products to you that won't interfere with medication that you're already taking. The doctor will also check you out for health conditions that might be exacerbated by taking these products.

Be safe and skip ordering your products online; get them from your doctor and you'll feel safe and confident with both your penis enlargement results and the fact that you don't have to worry about unexpected adverse effects.

A cost-effective option

Visiting your physician for your penis enlargement needs will also help your budget. When you buy your products online, you run the risk that they are more expensive than what your doctor can prescribe. You also have to pay for tax, shipping, and handling charges.

With a prescription from your doctor, it's merely the cost of the medication itself that you need to pay for. Many online retailers of penis enlargement products require some kind of automatic refill or automatic delivery of your order to get the most economical pricing for the product.

Your doctor will not play games like that with you. You'll pay only for the medication that's prescribed to you; if this medication is not a good fit, then your doctor can prescribe something else. You won't have to worry about being locked in to an automatic delivery option and having to negotiate your way out of it.

If penis enlargement products are what you're interested in, then going to your family physician is the way to go. Going to your own doctor will preserve your privacy.

You'll also safeguard your health when you're prescribed a treatment that won't interfere with existing medical conditions or medications you're taking. You'll also get a savings by avoiding the shipping and handling charges and/or auto refill requirements.

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