Talking to your doctor about penis enlargement

If penis enlargement is a concern of yours, then you're probably like most men.

Paying attention carefully, you've probably notice all those newspaper and magazine ads, television and radio commercials for penis enlargement products available by telephone, mail, and Internet order.

But how safe are they? If you're wary of ordering products from unknown companies, then perhaps speaking with your personal doctor about penis enlargement is the way to go for you.

But how do you talk to someone face to face about penis enlargement, especially if your physician is a woman? Talk about awkward! Here are a few tips to get you through it with your dignity intact.

Doctors are professionals

Physicians are medical professionals. Their business is the human body and all of the things that go on in it and around it. Talking about penis enlargement concerns, to a physician, is just like talking about having cauliflower ear or an ingrown toenail: it's just another medical issue.

Doctors are held to very high standards of medical ethics and privacy so no one will know that you're seeking medical advice on penis enlargement unless you tell them. Doctor-patient confidentiality is a long-ago established practice, so you can feel safe talking to your family physician about this.

Be straightforward and up front with your doctor

Don't beat around the bush when you schedule an appointment to talk to your doctor about penis enlargement. Be clear about what your concerns are and what your expectations of treatment are. It is possible that your preferred results are physically impossible, regardless of treatment.

Make it clear how far you're willing to go with treatment. If your doctor suggests a long-term treatment with several steps and you're not willing to follow through, you are wasting your doctor's time and your time. Don't be shy or act embarrassed.

Think of yourself as not just a patient but a consumer. You are paying for your doctor's expertise and advice.

Have the confidence that comes with knowing that you're, in essence, "buying" medical advice; it's your physician's job to address the medical needs that you present in a professional and courteous manner that's consistent with your particular medical needs and circumstance.

Relax, you're normal!

When talking with your doctor about penis enlargement, remember to relax and take a deep breath. Doctors see all kinds of things in the course of their daily routines. You are just like any other patient that they see. After you've left the office, they won't give your visit another thought; they'll have moved on to the next patient.

And like just about every working person, at the end of their shift, they go home and don't think about work again for the rest of the day. So don't be insecure about talking to your doctor about penis enlargement. It's really no big deal. It's totally normal.

So when you're ready to explore penis enlargement options, talk to your family physician. This is a medical professional who knows how to take his or her patient's concerns seriously and keep them private. Remember, your physician is there to help you, not judge you.

Your concerns about penis enlargement are just as valid as any other medical issue. Just remember to relax and be straight with your doctor. You'll feel much better when you do.

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