Reasons And Cure For Male Infertility Issues

Male infertility is a serious issue faced by many couples around the world. There are two types of infertility, one which is for short term and another, which is long lasting. The short term problem can be easily cured whereas long lasting issues need serious treatment procedures to be cured. This article will give you detailed knowledge of the causes and cure of male impotency.

Reasons of infertility in men

There are several reasons for male infertility. The main among them are listed here:

  • Using food stuffs and other chemicals, which include harmful or toxic substances like mercury, lead or pesticides not only damage your health, but affects your fertility as well.
  • Abundant smoking as well as the use of various drugs that can directly hit the fertility rate.
  • Regular exposure of your body to harmful X-rays and other laser treatments for various diseases.
  • Wearing tight clothing most of the times. It can increase your scrotal temperature, which is very dangerous for sperm production.
  • A slight increase in temperature of testicles can stop sperm production. However, this problem is only temporary.
  • Severe physical injuries that are directly targeted on the penis or testis.
  • Excessive cycling can have the same effects as tight clothing.
  • Keeping your laptop above your genital area can also increase the chances of low sperm count.

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These issues can be easily avoided. The more you take care of yourself the less are the chances of infertility.

Cure for infertility in men

Infertility is curable in several cases. Some of the cures are mentioned here.

  • Surgeries: Varicocele that is swelling of testis's veins, leading to drainage of the testicle, can be fixed surgically.
  • Treating infections: Infection of the reproductive tract can be cured by the use of antibiotics. However, it might not restore fertility.
  • Hormonal medications and treatments: Hormone replacement is usually prescribed for changing the hormone level. It may take three to six months to show its effects on semen.
  • ART (Assisted reproductive technology): It is the treatment process that involves obtaining sperm through surgical extraction, normal ejaculation, from individual donors or other methods. The sperm is then injected into the female reproductive tract as an intracyptoplasmic sperm injection.

Have sex at the right time

Everything has a right time. Similarly to optimize the chances of conception with extra boosted sperm, the couple should have sex at the right time. Following are some sex tips that you should follow.

  • Know her ova cycle: You must know when she is ovulating. What is the timing of her menses cycle? Usually, women ovulate in the middle of the cycle. So, the safest time is 10 to 12 days after menses/period.
  • Apart from this, her interest in sex and white cervical mucous secretion also shows that she might be ovulating. Do not hesitate to ask her for the same if required.
  • Timing is everything: You should avoid having sex 3-4 days before her ovulation. It may allow a proper/thick sperm build up.
  • Use lubricating agents that are sperm friendly.
  • Avoid sex while standing: This rather creates more gaps between the sperm and the cervix, making it difficult for the sperm to reach the egg.

All these sex tips should be kept in mind to increase her chances of conceiving.


Always remember- prevention is better than cure. Take proper food and have regular checkups.

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