Increase Your Ejaculation With Natural Methods And Have A Wonderful Sex Life

Men usually look around for different ways to increase their sexual performance. It will help them to have an improved ejaculation. A healthy semen volume is a sign of better sexual performance and better stamina. It reveals his sexual gratification in a positive way.

Why to increase semen volume?

Men who could release good amount of fluid at the time of orgasm are expected to enjoy long lasting sexual pleasure. He has good sexual strength which will satisfy his women. Moreover, with a good quantity and quality volume of semen increases your chance to conceiver your partner.

How to increase semen volume?

If you are wishing to increase the amount of your seen count, then you must consider some natural methods, instead of using some fake penis enlargement and semen increase products.

Below are some of the natural methods which are very effective in increasing the semen's volume-

  • Diet – You must take the diet which is good for your semen health. A good diet will not only increase your semen volume, but it will also ensure that your ejaculations are stronger and healthier. Also, include lots of vitamins and minerals that will increase your sexual performance.
  • Zinc – It is necessary for improving the sperm count. Beans, barley, raw meats turkey, lambs etc. are some of the better sources of zinc.
  • Selenium – This is also effective in increasing your sperm count. You can get it by eating foods like tuna, poultry, eggs, Brazilian nuts, read meats etc.
  • Vitamins B12, C & E – They have some antioxidant properties and are considered good for improving the semen production.
  • Lycopene – Infertile men are always advised by doctors to have some Lycopene rich foods like Broccoli, citrus fruits, beans , beet roots etc.

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2. Lifestyle – A healthy lifestyle is again recommended for a healthy life.

  • Daily exercise for about 30 minutes is effective.
  • Always stay hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. This will eliminate the toxins from your body.
  • Take a disciplined sleep, as it can remove stress and can help the body to produce more semen.
  • Quit alcohol and smoking to have a healthy sperm count.

3. Gap between intercourse – Maintain a gap of about 3 to 5 days between intercourse and masturbation. Allow your body to build it naturally. Though it is a bit difficult, but you will feel an increase in the intensity of having sex after a healthy gap.

4. Semen Volume Pills- Semen volume pills are also effective in increasing your ejaculate and the pleasures. However, do your research well, before using them.

What you mustn't do?

  • Don't eat processed foods.
  • Do not masturbate so often.
  • Drinking and smoking.
  • Quit consuming caffeine produces like coffee and soda.
  • Do not take consume refine foods like sugar and white flour.

The above-given methods will definitely prove beneficial in increasing the amount of your ejaculate.

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