Avoid High Heat Exposure And Protect Male Fertility

When couples try to conceive a baby many things can go wrong poor egg quality, sperm allergies, and fruitless sperm. Out of 10 couples one of them is infertile. Males daily produce millions of sperms in comparison to 300 or 400 eggs released by females in their lifetime. External factor like exposure to heat can adversely affect the small sperm. Sperm cells mature in approximately 75 days, harming them can impact your fertility.

How normal temperature is regulated in the testes?

Testes are situated outside your abdominal cavity. They have an elaborate temperature regulation system that keeps them cooler a few degrees in comparison to the body temperature. There are various features of the male reproductive system that are responsible to stabilize the temperature.

  • Two muscles called Lunica dartos and Cremaster are accountable to control heat in the scrotum. When the temperature drops below normal temperature, the muscles contract and the testes are moved closer to your body. When testes get warmer than normal the muscles relax and move away.
  • The inflowing blood supplied to the testis is cooled because it shares its warmth with the out flowing blood passing through the blood vessels in the dense network of spermatic cord.
  • The scrotal skin is thin with little core fat tissue, so there no provision of insulating warmness.
  • Abundant of sweat glands are provided in the scrotal skin that allows effective evaporative cooling.

Optimum Scrotum temperature

The testis has two responsibilities.

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  • One is to produce sex hormone – testosterone.
  • Second is to produce sperm.

The optimum temperature is necessary for the enzyme to work. The ideal temperature necessary is 2 degree Celsius below the normal body temperature. Even one degree increase can affect negatively for couples trying to conceive. Therefore, it becomes necessary to maintain the optimal zone and keep your scrotum away from excessive heat.

Small changes or infrequent fluctuations during the day can be tolerated by the system. Regular and prolonged exposure to high temperature can dominate the body's capability to keep the scrotum cool.

Some surprising overheating factors that can disturb the male sperm production have been studied. Some factors cause temporary damage, where the sperm production generally recovers rapidly from heat exposure to normal in a week. However, the sperm counts to recover to normal will take three months. Some of the influences can be so bad that it takes more than five years to recover.

Overheating factors that decrease production are:

  • Occupations that include exposure to high temperature – baking, or ceramic oven operators.
  • Working around radiation and toxic substances affect the sensitive testes – radiotherapy, chemotherapy, pesticides, or insecticides
  • Frequent hot baths and saunas are great for blood circulation, but awful for sperm count
  • Electro-magnetic energy from laptops and cell phones lead to deterioration of the sperm quantity and DNA
  • Varicose veins can increase the heat and elevate scrotal temperature
  • Obesity is also the culprit. The fats around the thighs, abdomen, and genitals increase the heat around the scrotum, which influences the potential of male reproduction.

Whatever may be the case, when future fertility is considered, it is vital for males to avoid high-heat circumstances, whenever possible.

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