Acceptance Of Natural Ways To Increase Sperm Count – Better To Be Safe

Acceptance Of Natural Ways To Increase Sperm Count – Better To Be Safe

Men are naturally programmed to procreate. This is how you propagate your own species and pass on your legacy. Usually it is a straight forward process, but for some it doesn't happen easily. Males have a tendency to fix things and this infertility issue is not something that can be done using a socket wrench and repair.

Importance of a sperm cell

Mostly, infertility is caused by unhealthy sperm. Sperm count and quality in the ejaculate has a direct effect on the male's capacity to conceive. Basically, sperm count means the number of sperm present in his ejaculate. According to WHO, sperm count parameter has to be more than 20 billion sperm/ml of ejaculate. It takes million sperm to find the single female egg released during ovulation.

Actually, the egg is regarded to be giant-sized by the sperm cell, so it needs good motility and energy. Sperms survive for a few days, whereas the egg survives only for 24 hours. The cell must be punctual to crack it for successful conception. On the other hand, unhealthy sperm fail in the journey or even if they successfully conceive the baby, then it may lead to a miscarriage or a child with some defect.

When you are planning for a baby, it is important to maintain your overall health. Many factors are liable for hindering the health of the sperm and deter conception temporarily or permanently. Luckily, there are many ways to naturally boost healthy sperm. Good sperm health comprises of diet & nutrition, workouts, mental and emotional conditions.

Improve your health

Take balanced and healthy meals that contain plenty of vegetables, nuts, and fruits to enhance the sperm quality and quantity.

Right foods are:

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  • Vitamin A – Helps to evade sluggish sperm. Eat Vitamin A loaded food like red peppers, dried apricot, oatmeal, carrots, spinach, broccoli, green lettuce, dairy products
  • Vitamin C – Abundant of anti-oxidants decrease harmful free radicals enhancing sperm viability and motility. Vitamin C is found in Kale, sweet potatoes, citrus fruits and yellow veggies
  • Zinc – Deficiency of zinc leads to reduction in testosterone levels and sperm count. Yogurt, corn, oatmeal, and beef are loaded with zinc.
  • Folic acid – Low level of folic acid in males has sperm cells with chromosomal abnormalities causing birth defect. To enhance sperm health you need to eat plenty of dark green vegetables, fruits and also include a supplement with folic acid.
  • Omega-3 fatty acid – Enhances blood flow towards the genitals and kindles sexual desire. Fertile male's sperm comprises of essential fatty acid in comparison to infertile males. Food rich in Omega-3 includes chicken, crab, shrimp, arugula, and flax.

Stay fit physically and mentally

Maintaining your weight by regular workouts is the best way to enhance your sperm count and fertility. Daily workouts and a healthy diet combined together will be helpful. You can relax yourself through meditation or yoga. It will also help you to regulate the hormonal fluctuations.

Things to avoid:

  • Avoid smoking and alcohol. The toxins can damage the male reproductive system, which makes it impossible to conceive.
  • Stay away from caffeine because it increases the risk of miscarriage.
  • Avoid tight clothes, saunas, hot tubs, and use of a laptop (on the laps) because it heats the scrotum and damages the sperm production.

Even if you take any kind of sperm enhancement supplement it is wise to ask your GP. It is best to stay safe and take precautions to save the large expenses of infertility treatment.

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