Your Sperm Would Be Healthy And There Would Be No Problem In Conceiving A Child

Your Sperm Would Be Healthy And There Would Be No Problem In Conceiving A Child

Conceiving a child is one of the most significant stages in a woman's lifetime. She waits for this great phase to come in her life, as this would re-define her womanhood. Needless to mention, you guys too have always been eager to experience this incredible feeling on the earth, when you are a father to a child. Hence, to experience this, couples plan a child, and they start having unprotected sex.

It's been long, in-fact many months, that you both have been having sex without any protection. You have been doing ‘it' right, and in-fact using the sex-positions that favors pregnancy the most. In case, if you are wondering about such positions, a little research online can be of great help. Anyways, the attempts have been unsuccessful, as there is no resulting pregnancy.

Now, alike most of the couples, you too might be thinking of giving it a try for sometime like a year. Then, you would prefer any fertility treatment. A better idea instead would be to go for few simple steps that can make your sperm healthier.

Regular Exercising and Practicing Yoga

Your very first thought might be that what these have to do with your fertility. However, to your surprise, regular exercising, and most significantly practicing yoga can always enhance your sperm quality. Besides retaining you in a healthy state, these also favor an overall boost up in the functionalities within your body. That includes everything, like a proper blood-supply all over the body, proper hormonal secretions, and retaining a proper balance among those. As an added advantage, your sex drive would also increase, and you can always expect a great sex life then.

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Your only concern needs to be that you don't do excessive exercising. That can have an adverse impact on your sperm health with the increased temperature of the scrotum and testicles. For the same reason, it's also advisable to avoid wearing tight pants and undergarments that can raise the temperature down there.

Eat Well

That significantly means you need to have a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits every-day. To be more precise, having greater amount of zinc, vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, etc. are best for the health of your sperm.

Banana, sunflower seeds, cereals soybean, papayas, red hot and green chili peppers, asparagus, fish, meats, cauliflower, etc. may always be taken for enhancing one's fertility.

Refrain From Smoking, Too Much Alcohol Consumption, and Drug Intake

Besides numerous other harmful effects on your body and health, these damage your sperm and make you infertile. These also pose a great hurdle to the proper blood supply inside your body, and disturb its hormonal balance. Not only your fertility is hampered, but these also have a great negative impact on your libido, sexual stamina, and hence on you overall sex life. No wonder, most of the unhappy sex lives have always been due to such harmful habits of couples.

It's noteworthy that even few prescribed medications and drugs have shown adverse impacts on your sperm health. Hence, it's always advisable to check with your health expert or doctor before opting for such stuff.

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