Vital Functionalities That Your Prostate Gland Serves

Of the many parts of a male's reproductive system, the prostate gland is one with quite significant functions. It not only plays a major role in the flow of urine and semen, but also has a great impact on retaining the level of protein in your blood.

Located under your bladder, and just in front of your rectum, is the prostate which is a mass of muscles, fibrous tissues, and gland-like tissues. Although your prostate gland serves innumerable functions, there are a few most significant ones that are worth mentioning.

Controlling the Urinal And Seminal Flow

Did you know that both urine and semen travel through your urethra? Yes, they do, through the same way. Now, you might be wondering, how come these two fluids aren't mixed together then?

Well, it's because the control of your prostate gland. There is a coiled tube called Epididymis, connected to your testes. It's here in this Epididymis that the sperms keep waiting, and during ejaculation they rush to travel through the section of the urethra that is in the prostate. Now, at this very point the prostate and its muscles contract and pinch the duct that goes to the bladder. Hence, this significant action keeps your semen free from urine, and then helps it to expel through your urethra. Now, you know how the two fluids travel through the same path, but never get mixed together.

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Protecting and Nourishing Your Sperm

Remember, the part where your semen travels through the section of urethra in your prostate? It is here that your prostate gland serves another very significant role. The gland secretes a fluid in your semen that is really very important for nourishing and protecting it. To your surprise, almost one-third of the fluid that you see in the loads that you ejaculate is the prostate fluid.

The prostate fluid is quite rich in zinc, calcium, albumin, and citric acid, which nourishes your sperm and gives it a milky appearance. Now, you know why your loads appear that milky? Besides, the fluid also plays a major role in protecting your sperm. When you ejaculate inside your girl, your sperms would have been subjected to a very acidic environment of her reproductive system, and could have been destroyed. However, the alkaline nature of the prostate fluid shields your sperms from the acid, and let it travel safely for the ‘purpose'.

Enhancing Your Sexual Pleasure

Now, that might be really interesting for you to know. By the way, it seems from your expressions that of all the functionalities mentioned so far, this one seems most exciting to you.

Anyways, you might have already tried it, or in case you haven't its worth giving a try. Try massaging your prostate gland someday, and you will realize how you could have missed this ecstasy all these times? The prostate is also referred to as male's G-spot, and by stimulating it through the rectum you can experience the erotic pleasure, which can be much more intense than a normal orgasm.

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