Some Most Essential Sex Tips To Follow For The Guys


There is a first time of everything. Most of the guys want to impress and satisfy their women completely on their very first time. As much as experience has its worth it is also a great idea to get a firm grasp over the sexual activity before engaging for the first time. Some of the most essential tips regarding sex have been mentioned below.

Tip 1: Take care of the hygiene

It is a true fact that women gets turned on with a distinct smell of the guys. These smells contain sex pheromone which works as a charm to attract any opposite sex. These sex pheromones are released in form of sweat. There are many women who not only appreciate but also love a little sweat on their man. Yes, for some reason the sweat of the male can smell sexy to some women.

To be specific clean sweat smells much better and good than tale sweat. Stale sweat is really disgusting and even turns down the sexual drive of any women. You need to take a shower before you actually engage in any sexual act. You need to clean yourself thoroughly to make the most romantic night of it. You also need to brush and floss your teeth.

Tip 2: Get your manners right

With manners you can win over anyone's heart as well as get appreciated in bed. You need to be there for all the needs in her real life as well as in bed. To need to satisfy her with all her needs and demands which her each body part is aching for. You need to be sensitive while engaging in sexual act. Try to focus on her reactions to know whether you are performing in right or wrong way.

Women like their men to be sensitive in bed. Do not rush with everything rather take as much time as you can. Kiss all over her body passionately. Take your time to undress each other. Make a slow and steady move before you get down to the intercourse part.

Never rough up the sexual act if your women like it that way. You need to understand what she wants and how she wants it. Once you get the complete idea of it then follow it like a strict rule if you want to satisfy her completely.

Tip 3: You need to be realistic as well as creative

Experiments are the best thing you can do to keep the spark alive in the bedroom. After some period of time it will get boring if you are doing same thing over and over. Try out new sex position each time you have sex. Never try to perform all the sex positions in a single sex act. This will make your women turned down and she might think the worst about you. Try to be realistic and creative in bed and do some new every now and then.

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