Some Basic Things Which Guys Need To Know About Pleasing Woman

The first tip: Satisfy her mentally as well

The biggest sex organ of any women is their brain. Before you arouse her sexually you need to arouse her mentally first. Basically men are goal and visual oriented. They achieve to get an orgasm very quickly and it is a very common nature of any men. When it comes to the women, the response is quite different. They don't get turned on with their men who only think about the physical satisfaction and climax. Women need to be satisfied mentally than physically, if not more. So as to make your women completely satisfied with your sexual activity you need to consider satisfying her brain first than her body.

The second tip: Her body matter more than vagina

Many men think that with only sexual intercourse a woman is satisfied. This is wrong. For men, the entire sexual act revolves around his penis but to women, her entire body matters. Men get their extreme sexual pleasure when their penis is involved to the entire sex act. When it comes to women the sexual arousal begins or gets stimulated by touching or kissing her body parts. Now if you want to get your lady sexually aroused then you need to focus on her body parts more than her vagina or clitoris.

The third tip: Foreplay plays an extreme role

It is not easy to get orgasm for women. It takes a long time to get to the point where women will reach to climax. To make your lady come you need to stimulate her whole body and not only just one part. With sexual intercourse you are only arousing her lower abdomen but to stimulate her upper abdomen you need foreplay. You can use oral sex or finger stimulation during foreplay. This way you are stimulating her entire body and thus results in reaching to the climax faster.

The fourth tip: Your penis is not all she wants

When your woman wants to have sex with you, it simple does not mean she is talking about sexual intercourse. Women loves penis but more than that they love their men's hand and mouth all over her body. Kissing her or caressing all over her body gets your woman sexually active and in a much wilder way.

The fifth tip: Women want their men to lead the sexual act

Almost all women want their men to take charge in bed. They like to be dominated when it comes to the sexual act. They want to be instructed and guided to each and every sexual positions and love makings. A dominating image of the men makes a woman turned on physically as well as mentally.

The sixth tip: Women like anal sex

You might find it hard to believe but it is very true. Anal sex can be really painful to the women but irrespective of that fact they love to be engaged in anal sex quite often.

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