Know About All The Sex Positions And Their Charms

The first best sex position: Enhanced missionary position.

It is believed by almost all the people that missionary position may be old school and common sex position but it is the best. Irrespective of the fact that its origin is too old still it has all those features which help to stimulate and make the sexual intercourse most pleasurable. It enhances the sex drive and allows both the partner to enjoy sex to the fullest. Thus because of this reason you need to mix up some new enhancement with it but keeping it in a limit.

In this sex position you have to lay your woman flat on her back. Now get yourself on top of her, don't apply your entire body weight on her though. She might get suffocated because of your body weight. Now instead of going with normal style you need to open her both legs much wider. The difference between normal missionary sex position and enhanced missionary sex position is that instead of holding her legs, you need to throw light punches on her leg but passionately.

By doing this her hips will move more and it will go much deeper while the penetration. With this position you will be able to satisfy your woman very easily in the bed.

The second best sex position: Doggy style sex position.

Doggy style is the most well known as well as tested sex position which ensures to effectively please your woman. With this position you can give your woman a stronger as well as powerful orgasm much faster and in the raunchiest way. The distinction and the reason behind this sex position to be different from others is that it is not only used by only the human beings but also many other living creatures in the whole world.

For those men who are having sexual issues such as premature ejaculation, this sex position is the best to control their ejaculation power. With this sex position you will be able to calm your body and mind as the minimum energy is required. Your excitement level will also be very low which will enhance the capability to hold for longer period of time in bed.

The third best sex position: Lying face down.

This position is the best position to bring great and unforgettable orgasms for men as well as women. In this sex position the man has to be on top of his woman and have to penetrate her from the backside. Now the woman will be lying on the bed and her face will be directed downwards.

For the ease of penetration she has to lift her butt in the upwards direction in front of her man. In this position she might or might not open her legs. If her legs are closed then it will add more friction while having sexual intercourse and hence it will provide much greater stimulation. It is also known to be the great sex position to give great sexual pleasure.

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