How To Give Satisfaction Sexually And Powerful Orgasm To Your Women?


It might be a well known fact that men wants to have men than any woman does. If you want to have sexual intercourse more and more then you need to give your women the sexual satisfaction of lifetime. Once she knows what you are capable of, she will be crawling of throwing herself at you all the time and demand for sex.

To reach to that level you cannot be just good but you have to be the best in what you do. Men can have sex with good as well as bad sexual partner but for women, they only look for the best. When it comes to women they need to be fully satisfied to repeat the same again with you. Below some essential tips are mentioned by following which you will turn out to be the sex god to your partner.

Tip 1: Engage in foreplay more

Engaging in foreplay is a must as because women love them. It not only makes them horny, we and hot but also brings them in the sex mood. You can try out a wide variety of story plots to engage in foreplay.

While engaging in foreplay you need to take as much time as you can. Enjoy the moment and enjoy every seconds of it. It will bring the orgasm of your women if you take your time to kiss, caress and stroke her gently.

Tip 2: Women love to be teased by their man

One of the most powerful ways to enhance her sexual pleasure is to tease her. It works like a charm for most of the women. By teasing you will get her so desperate and worked up for you that your woman will beg you to have sexual intercourse with her. You need to tease her for sometime more before you satisfy her with her needs.

Tip 3: Taking dirty makes her mentally satisfied

For most of the women, they not only demand to get physically satisfied but also mentally. You can kiss all over her body, you can do spooning and with sexual intercourse a girl gets physically satisfied but for mental satisfaction you need to do dirty talk with her.

Dirty talk stimulates the mind of a women and it brings the most powerful and strongest orgasm.

Tip 4: Oral sex is necessity than pleasure

There is no doubt about how powerful oral sex could be to any girl. If you want to bring orgasm quickly then use you tongue all over body wherever needed. It will not only bring her the strongest orgasm but will also make her satisfied completely.

Tip 5: Combination is the best solution

By bringing vaginal orgasm and making her squirt you can be sure that she has been more than satisfied with the sexual experience. To do so you need to use the combination orgasm technique. In this technique you have to use two or more sexual techniques at exact same instant of time. For example you can lick her clitoris while massaging her G-spot.

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