Having Sex While Period Is Not A Bad Idea After All


When it comes to sex even the most sexually aroused men and women will put a stop at some point and it is during periods. Period sex have a lots of ups and but only one downs. The only thing which makes a couple stop to have period sex is because it can be very messy. Except that there are many benefits of period sex. Those advantages are mentioned below.

Advantages of period sex:

  • To be honest, during the monthly period of any women they are very easily aroused. Many couples have experienced the needs and demands of their women during this period of time. While having period women always tends to ask for having sexual intercourse as their sexual desires reaches at their peek. Now when girl is already into having sex then the sex will inevitably turn to great sex.
  • It is always advised to add some spices and taboo into your boring relationship. What else could be best than having a period sex which you have always neglected because of its messiness. The messy period sex turns out to be the best sexual experience for many happy relationships.
  • For those women who are highly self conscious, if the partner is extremely enthusiastic in having messy period sex then it can serve as the biggest and strongest sexual boost than any other thing. It proves that you love her no matter what and it encourages her more to feel proud about her body.

How to engage in period sex correctly:

Regular sex doesn't need any kind of preparation but period sex requires a little preparation as it is not same as regular sex. You need to take some steps before you actually begin to have sexually intimate with your partner while her periods. Those steps are mentioned below:

  • Towel is your best friend while having messy period sex. You can use a cheap towel which you can use while having sex to clean up the mess while having sex. With this period sex will have a chance to fulfil your dream of having period sex
  • Foreplay is the best idea to start having period sex. When your partner hears about period sex, the first answer is often a “NO” but with a little foreplay and seduction it becomes the easiest job.
  • It will be the smartest idea to get into a shower with your partner before having period sex. You know how much mess it will create itself and nobody wants the extra dirt. So clean each other before you are intimate with your partner. Even a nice erotic shower can be the most romantic way to begin period sex.
  • Avoid oral sex by any means. Oral sex during period sex is not a good idea at all
  • Do not make her feel bad if she starts bleeding during period. It will turn her down and she will never be able to have period sex again.

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