10 Ways To Make Your Sex Life Better And Awesome


Having sex on regular basis not only makes it better every single time but also makes the overall relationship with your partner stronger and closer. With sex you can enhance your immune system as well as maintain a great weight. These are not some kind of anecdotal rather they are scientifically proven.

10 benefits from sex are mentioned below.

Reduces stress level

After having sex you will find a gradual decrease in your blood pressure as well as overall stress level. It has been scientifically backed up that more frequently you engage in sexual intercourse with your partner your blood pressure get lower each and every time. Thus to maintain your overall health you need to have sex more often.

Burns body fat

As we all might know that sex works better than any exercise. It is even documented that after having a sexual intercourse for 25 to 30 minutes the body burns around 85 calories. The mathematics teaches us that one pound is equal to 3500 calories. Thus you are able to lose one pound of your body fat by having sexual intercourse for about 42 session of half an hour each. Sex is one of the best forms of cardio and helps you to maintain or lose weight while having fun.

Enhances your immunity

The more you engage in sex the more it enhances the level of immunoglobulin. It is nothing but a fancy word used for immunity or the antibody which is responsible to protect you from catching colds or other infections.

Helps you to get a good night sleep

While having orgasm a chemical is released from the body which is generally called or known as oxytocin. This chemical promotes sleep. Thus while having sexual intercourse the oxytocin is released which why men and women, both, gets a good night sleep.

It decreases the pain

As the level of the oxytocin increases in body it triggers the release of endorphins. Endorphin is a chemical which when released in your body helps you to reduce the pain. Basically they act as pain killers in certain ways.

Helps you to breathe better

It has been scientifically proven that more you are having sex the better your heart condition gets. The researchers have found that that those who have sex for twice or more every week have a better heart condition than those who engage less in sexual intercourse.

Increases confidence as well as self esteem

Those who engage is sexual intercourse more often are often found out to have greater and better self esteem and confidence.

It promotes intimacy

Oxytocin is also responsible for making a greater bond trust each other. More you have sex more oxytocin is released.

Makes your pelvic area strong

While you are having sex, you are knowingly or unknowingly doing some great exercises which make your pelvic area strong.

Reduces the risk of having prostate cancer

The more you ejaculate after sex the lesser is the chance of having prostate cancer in later life.

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