With Only Two Steps You Can Last Long In Bed


One of the most crucial steps of having sexual intercourse is to last long in bed. Premature ejaculation can be a real mood killer in any sexual experience. It not only affects the men but also makes your partner really frustrated and disappointed. The result sometimes grows stronger and often leads to havoc consequences such breaking up a long, loving, committed relationship or divorce.

When someone is not sexually satisfied, they can't be mentally calm and relaxed and thus it leads to fight and tension between each other. The root to this problem is you not being able to last long in bed. Thus try the 2 beautiful steps that are mentioned below to lead a happy and completely satisfied relationship all together.

Step 1:

You need to be mentally strong and powerful. If you want to last long in the bed you need to focus on your mindset. Yes, it is true that most of the times your mind plays a very important role to stop premature ejaculation. Let us see few set of examples of how to do it.

Think about something non sexual things such as football or other sports while having sex. This is a very classic tip and works great with many people. The reason is it distracts your mindset and takes you away from the pleasure that is taking place. When you are feeling the pleasure you are bound to get excited and once you get overexcited you will ejaculate prematurely. Thus when you are distracting your mind, actually you are trying to keep yourself calm.

Breathing heavily and some regular exercise can also be a great way to keep you calm and relax while having sexual intercourse. So basically the main things to do in order to last long in bed is to try and bring down the excitement level down and stay in the most relaxed and calm state of mind.

Step 2:

There are also some physical techniques that you can apply to solve the sexual issue like premature ejaculation. To do so you need to control the muscle called PC muscle. This muscle is specifically located between testicles and the anus. You can feel this muscle when you stop urinate in the middle of a stream. Now once you know which muscle it is, you can try doing some exercise on that muscle. The exercise involves nothing major but some simple squeeze and flex. You need to do repetitions of the exercise as much as possible.

In the early stage it might be weak but if you keep on doing the exercise you can control your ejaculation. This will help you a lot to gain a stronger penis and hold last long in the bed.


You can always try the steps separately but doing them together will fetch you better and beautiful result. It will make sure that you are not going to ejaculate before your partner does and thus giving her the most awesome sexual experience of lifetime.

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