Things To Know About Sex For The Christians


There are many Christian couple who believe some of the sex acts are sinful and some of them are acceptable. If you are one of those Christian couples then you need to understand than you have stop worrying about which sex position will make you a sinner and which is acceptable. If you do not stop worrying about it then it might cause a great harm to your sex life. Having sex should be pleasurable and enjoyable experience. Thus let us see what Christian couples need to do to make their sex life better.

Remove the guilt

All the sex positions are there to make the sexual experience better and enjoyable. It is a normal thing that with one or two position any couples will be bored with sex. So in order to keep the sex life interesting and fun, more and more positions are out there to experience. Now instead of worrying about which might offend god and which might be a good one to follow you need to think about your partner. Just consider his or her comfort. While discussing about the sex positions, both of you need to agree with that completely.

Thus all you need to care about is whether you and your partner both agree to do it and whether it will cause discomfort or harm to any one of you.

Have more and more sex:

This tip is not a new thing to know. All might know that to keep up the flare in the bed room you need to have lots of sex. You might be busy enough with you work and life schedules but that is not an excuse to avoid having intimate relationship with your partner.

If there is less sexual intimacies going on with your life then it will surely going to stop very soon. Once there is no intimacy between the couple then it is going to leave a frustrated sexual and mental life. In order to work through it, all you have to do is to be romantic and be intimate with your partner more often.

It is not late yet to improve:

It is one of the huge tips. There are many couple who thinks that it is too late to bring the romance back in there life. Well, they are completely wrong. Age should not be of any concern if you are still young at heart. Feeling sorry for yourself and wondering where everything went wrong should not be the things that you do. Instead you need to follow you heart and be romantic with your lover.

Remember what you used to do for your lover when you first got married. Remember the times and things that made her happy. Well that's all you have to do all over again and bring back those sparks between you two.

Taking a long walk by holding each other hands is the most romantic thing that everyone likes and it never gets old.

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