Reasons And Solution Of Different Sex Drives


There are 5 main reasons because of which sex drives are different for men and women. With only 4 steps you can solve all the problems. Let us see what are the reasons and solutions for different sex drives.

Reason of different sex drives:

  • Problem in relationship: In any relationship, couples often go through more or less rough times. Some of the problem that arises in any relationship is regarding the financial expenses, sometimes because of in-laws, child rearing and many more. Often without dealing with these matters, couples often try to hold a grudge against each other. This anger leads to loss of sexual interest.
  • No proper sex knowledge: there are many places or societies where sex education is banned and seen in a negative way. The couples from those societies may see sex as only a need and not a pleasure. This might result in low sex drive.
  • Some psychological problems: Any old history of sexual abuse, lack of confidence, stress over child rearing or work, anxiety of the performance, drug abuse, medication, mental or physical ailments are some of the most important psychological issues which often leads to lose complete interest in sex.
  • Different point of view: the way you look at sex might not be the case with your partner. You might look at sex as fun and excitement activity but your partner might look at it as just boring and dull thing. It results in huge misbalance between you and your partner.
  • No passion: sex requires lots of passion. Never put any kind expectation with your sex life. Expectation might kill everything and as well the sex life of yours. If you don't get what you expect then it sets you to disappointment and the passion for sex never grows back.

How to solve these issues:

  • Do not blame each other: It is very easy to point fingers at each other but it should never happen in any relationship. Blaming each other leads to a fight and ends up with cold feeling towards each other.
  • Communication: It is one of the biggest tools to solve biggest problems in life. Talk to your partner about everything. Ask him or her about the sexual needs and desires and let him or her know about yours. Come to a conclusion without giving silent treatment to each other.
  • Adjust and compromise: A relationship only grows strong and runs for long time if there is compromise and adjustments from both the sides. To work out all the differences to need to make sexual compromise and adjustments.
  • Help yourself: If nothing works then it doesn't mean you need to rush to some therapist or counsellor. Another open option is still available and that is taking help of the self-help resources. You can very easily find lots of books on such issues. Buy one and start helping yourself to make a better and happy future with your partner.

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