Find Simple Ways To Live A Much Better Sex Life

  • Always compliment her: When you compliment your partner, she feels more confident about her appearance. This works in your favour as because it have been proven in a study that the women gets more open and try different types of sexual activity.
  • Ask or listen to what she wants: Only a woman can give you the best answer about what she likes and dislikes in bed. It is okay to do experiment and find it out on your own but if you listen to her and do as she wants then you will experience the most awesome sexual pleasures.
  • Touch her or massage her everywhere: oxytocin is a very strong sex hormone which is released on sensual touching. This hormone rapidly increases the testosterone level of the women and dramatically enhances her sex drive. For passionate sex the seductive feel of oil when rubbed on the skin is a complete turn on.
  • Have some natural aphrodisiacs in bed: Men need to stick with the natural aphrodisiac food such as fish, oysters and some other lean proteins. These foods are helpful for your upper body as well as down the abdomen. With proper diet you can improve your sex life from normal to great.
  • Take your time to undress: Never get naked fast and jump to bed for sexual intercourse. Rather you need to take your time with the stripping. More time you take to undress the more she will enjoy her prolonged neurological orgasm.
  • Take shower together: You might have seen her naked plenty of times in bed then why not take shower together. You can be playful while washing each other. It will not only give a great boost in bed or in that shower only but also help to bring the couple much closer. Thus it helps to make the overall relationship better.
  • Make a great ambience: Before you have sex with your partner it is advised to create the mood to have better sex. You need to make her relax and the environment needs to be dim and soothing.
  • Just relax and enjoy: You need to find out which position she likes the best. Usually it is the reverse cowgirl position where the woman stays on top and faces away. It stimulates the g-spot highly. Once you know what she likes you need to do it so that she gets the best sex from you.
  • Sexual intercourse is not everything: There are many things that you can do to stimulate her orgasm besides having sexual intercourse. You can be intimate with her at every corner of your house without thinking about having sex with her afterwards.
  • Get her pregnant: sit and talk with your partner about pregnancy and if you both agree then give it to her. Once you pregnant her you are going to experience the most awesome sex afterwards and she is going to do everything which you wished for so long.

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