Hana-Lani Is The Most Romantic Novel Written By Christine Sunderland


This article is about one of the most brilliant work of Christine Sunderland, who has written the most beautiful, sweet, sexy and touching novel called Hana-lani. Possibility of redemption and theme of hope are two main things based on which this fantastic novel has been written.


The characters and places mentioned in this novel goes quite like this, a complete rural scene of Hawaii, where Nani Lei is one of the main character of the novel who will brighten your day and lift up your spirits. Meredith Campbell is of 36 years old beautiful but materialistic lady who is from completely separate world than Nana Lei. This novel has got one of the male characters named Henry who is of 52 years old and widowed grandson of Nana Lei. He has a 6 year old daughter named Lucy. The whole novel is about how Henry and Meredith will meet each other and fall in love.

Detail description:

In the beginning of the novel it shows that Meredith Campbell is a city girl who has got everything. She has a rocking and very beautiful body, high paying job and also a live-in boyfriend named Nick, who is doctor. She stays in San Francisco and her life was going quite well. She is extremely self-centred and she believes that her body will make sure of her happiness. She do not like to be around any children and she thinks visiting her father who stays in Florida is nothing but waste of time.

Then one day her life takes a U-turn and everything falls apart. She gets fired from her job and as well finds out that her boyfriend, Nick, was cheating on her with his ex-wife. She decides to run away from everything and though Nick cheated on her but still she imagines him to be running and chasing after him and begging to take him back.

She wanted to start over a new life and so she decided to leave San Francisco. The plane crashed and pilot, with who she had sex on the previous night, died in the accident. It was a rainy season and since she has got nothing better to do, she wanted to get back to San Francisco. Because of the degrading weather all the flights was cancelled. After some time a shady guy offered him a flight but on one condition. She has to have sex with him. She takes the offers but unfortunately the planes crashes because of the engine failure. The plane crashed on Hana-lani.

The smoke from the plane has brought it to attention of Lucy, who guided her grandmother to the site. Despite of lack of medical facilities, Lucy's grandmother rescued her and took care of her personally.

Maria, who deceased, was Henry's wife and she wanted to publish his writing. Henry being a great husband and Father wanted to complete his wife's wishes and gave his total dedication to it despite being a history professor.

This book is about how Meredith and Henry will find companionship in each other and will fall in love again.

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