Discover Different Great Sex Positions To Lighten Up Your Sex Life


If you are bored with your sex life by keep on repeating the same sex position all the time then you need to do something new and exciting. One of the easiest ways to bring that old spark back into your bed room is by trying different sex positions. Some of the sex positions are mentioned below with little brief instructions.

  • Stepping tigers: in this position the women will be in crawling position. Her head should lie on any flat surface or any pillow while her buttocks should b pointing upwards. The man need to penetrate from the behind by making 8 thrusts for 5 times with small pause between each set.
  • Somersaulting dragons: the man will lie on the lady while she is reclining on her back. The she need to press her thighs into bed and squeeze her vulva as well. After the penetration he has to make calculated strokes of 8 shallow and 3 deep.
  • Cleaving cicadas: this is a very simple position to follow. In this position the woman will be on her stomach and the men need to lie on her back and penetrate her deeply. The man can lift the buttock of the women by simply placing a pillow below her and make 9 thrust for 6 times. This need to go on for as long as she reaches orgasm.
  • Wrestling apes: The women need to bend her knees towards her head while lying on her back. The man has to support the thighs of the lady and push them towards her chest while lifting her buttocks. He needs to penetrate her deeply.
  • Bunny licking fur: in this position the man has to stretch out completely on the bed while lying on his back. Now the lady has to span out her whole body while facing his legs. Then she needs to hold his feet and lower her head slowly. This is the shallow penetration position.
  • Soaring phoenix: this sex position is simple and for deep sexual encounters. The women need to lie down on her back and raise her leg upwards. The man need to be in between her legs and hold onto the bed.
  • Mounting tortoises: the women need to bend her knees and lie on her back and the man needs to press them into both her breast. This position can be used for, both, shallow and deep thrusts.
  • Fish linking scales: This is the position where the man does not penetrate the woman rather he will tantalize her breast with mouth or his hands. The man will be lying on his back while the woman will span out his body on his top.
  • Cranes entwining necks: The man crouches and the lady sits on the man thighs. She will be holding his neck as well as wrap her both legs around the man's hip. In this position both the partners are able to move freely.

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