Dieting Is Very Important To Increase Your Sex Drive


We all might know hoe important onions are to increase the sex drive. In the young age, nobody feels need of onion to set the mood and get turned on. At that age the libido rev up at 1200 rpm only with the whiff of perfume or shapely legs or slight sight of cleavage. No matter how much oily and wrong food we consume our libido stays strong and at best shape.

The problem starts to show up as we grow older. At the age of 40s or 50s everybody feels the need of proper diet to as to keep the body fit and in shape. A healthy body can only give the pleasure of awesome sex. Some of the highly nutritious foods and fruits are mentioned below which helps to enhance the libido and thus giving mind blowing sexual experience.

Diet foods and fruits:

  • Onions are extremely helpful to increase the hardness of your manhood and also enhance the power and stamina to hold last longer in bed. Though they give pungent smell in the mouth it is of great importance. Because of the pungent smell many sexual health practitioners avoid the intake of onions.
  • Celery contains androsterone which is an odourless hormone. Via the male perspiration this hormone is released and it helps to turn on a women. You can eat this raw but you need to wash them and clean it before consuming. Cut it and make some small pieces and take them on regular basis.
  • Oysters are one of the great aphrodisiacs. It can be effectively used as an art of seduction if you place them on a plate along with some ice. Add fresh lemon all over it and serve it to your partner and for yourself as well. Take them to the bed and start sucking them.
  • Banana contains bromelain enzyme. This enzyme not only enhances the sex drive but also protects the men from causing impotence. They are rich in vitamin B and potassium which are very important to enhance your energy levels.
  • Figs contain amino acid which is responsible for increasing the sex drive as well as improves the sexual stamina. It tastes juicy and sweet which is highly pleasurable to all the human senses.
  • Avocado contains rich amount of folic acid. Folic acid is solely responsible to provide you with more energy by simply metabolizing vitamin B6 and potassium and two other proteins from your body. It enhances the production of male hormone, energy and also increases the libido of women and men.
  • Chocolate contains theobromine which acts as an alkaloid and induces a feeling of being in love in women. Chocolate should be in your regular diet to keep the sex life going.
  • Garlic contains allicin which is an oily pungent smelling liquid that has antibacterial properties. It increases the flowing of blood to sex organs which helps to keep your manhood stronger and better.

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