12 Great Ways To Improve The Sex Life


Most of the couples think that sex life decreases with the increase of time they have spent together. More importantly many couples think that sex life ceases to exist after having kinds. Well they are absolutely wrong. There are many couples who despite having kids and being busy with work manage to have great sex often. By following 12 simple ways you can be one of them.

  • Communication: This is one of the biggest tools to improve your sex life. To know each other in a better way and to understand what each one of you want you need to communicate more with your partner.
  • Don't listen to others: While you are talking to your friend about their and your sex life it is quite normal that they might exaggerate a little. It is a very normal reaction of any men. They want to show that they are superior and thus while telling stories they end up exaggerating a little.
  • Sex always improves with time: Never try to expect that you will get everything in bed at one time. It takes a lots of build up and practise to reach a level where you are comfortable doing everything. Thus sex improves each time and it is never perfect.
  • Focus on how to satisfy: never expect anything to happen in particular. Let your feelings tell you want to do and when to do it. What comes out naturally will serve the best. So instead of forcing yourself try to follow your beat and go with it. It will lead you to a very satisfying sexual experience.
  • Be creative and do some thing new: Who likes to do same thing over and over? The answer is surely no one. You need to do something new in bedroom each and every time you are between the sheets.
  • Make some time: you may be quite busy with your life and work but that doesn't mean you will throw away the sex time doing something else. If you don't make some time for your partner and be intimate with her then it will make her mentally as well as physically depressed.
  • Make some changes in the bedroom: Don't make love to each other in the same lighting effect. Try to be more romantic and sensible by putting some scented candles or some flowers in the room. Decorate your bedroom to something new and exciting every now and then.
  • Don't avoid sexual issues: Try to solve your sexual problems instead of putting a stop to the sex life.
  • Don't rush: take it slow and steady. Love your partner and be intimate with her before you jump on to the bed.
  • Stay healthy: Make sure you are on proper diet and on light exercise routine to keep yourself healthy and strong.
  • Take more oxygen: sometimes it is advised to breathe heavily so that more oxygen gets inside our body. More oxygen means more energy for you.
  • Never give up: you need to keep on practising so that she gets best sex experience. You need to satisfy her completely no matter what it takes.

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