10 Secrets Revealed For Having Better Sexual Experience And Pleasure

It only takes 10 points to know when you want to give your women the most delighted and awesome sexual experience of her lifetime.

  • Live in the present: Focus on what happening when it is happening. Distraction is the main problem and it results to unsatisfied sexual experience. If you want to enjoy the sexual pleasure completely then you need to be present in the moment, mentally and physically.
  • Bedroom is sacred place: You bedroom should be a place free of TV, computer or anything that might distract the attention. You need to feel rested, focused and calm so that you can take complete advantage of your desires.
  • Think sex in mind: So as to put on a great play you need to think about your moves and ways of being intimate. Be a little erotic, attentive and playful while thinking about sex.
  • Create the perfect mood: Being intimate is not enough to create the mood. Use a little light, scented candle, incense and obviously some soft romantic music. Once you set the right mood then you can start being intimate with your partner with all those feeling hidden inside of you.
  • Consume natural aphrodisiacs: natural aphrodisiacs are the best way of enhancing your sexual desires and needs. Juice fruits, coco and oysters are some of the natural aphrodisiacs.
  • Do not have expectations: Expectations are the main reason of poor sex. Let go of the expectations and you will see it for yourself how great your sex life has turned up.
  • Dissolve all your fears: it is useless to feel neglected and unwanted. It does not help you to achieve anything rather stops you from being truly what you are. You need to let go all those feelings which is holding you back. Once you are free from those feelings you will be aroused highly and will create a much deeper impact on your partner.
  • Feel the surroundings: It doesn't take a lot to be romantic and intimate with your partner. All you need to do is to feel what's going on around you. Feel each and every sensation like the environment, your beat of breathing, the sounds around you and as well the emotions that is taking place. Feelings make it more beautiful and better.
  • Take your time: It is very insensitive and unromantic to jump into the bed and start having sexual intercourse. Sex is a very pure and beautiful way of bonding with each other. You need to very slowly and smoothly make your way to the final act. Take your time with each and every body spots to get the ultimate fulfilment.
  • Let her lead: It's no doubt that most women want her man to control all the love making decisions. It is their nature to think like that but sometimes you need to let her take the lead and control everything. This way she will get what she is looking for and will make her copasetic with the sexual experience.

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