Things That You Should Know To Be A Better Lover


There are many things that men do not know about sexually satisfying a woman. For the average male genders intercourse is all they think about that matter. Well they are wrong. There are many things that you need to do if you willing to be a complete lover. You have to bear one thing in mind that women looks for different things in the bedroom. If you willing to grasp the total concept of it, then you need to keep on reading further.

Romance is the first thing they want:

Romance doesn't mean being intimate. Being a romantic takes nothing but you can get a lot out of it. Women want their partners to be romantic before jumping into the bed. Taking your partner out for a nice romantic dinner and having a great conversation. Making a meal four loved one and having a candle light dinner is a great way of being a romantic partner. I you do not have slightest idea about culinary activity then not to worry because there are other ways of being a romantic partner.

Go for a long walk in the park in the evening, watch sunset together, hold your partner's hand while walking are some of the most romantic gesture that you can follow. Having a conversation over dinner always leads to a great ex because those conversations acts like foreplay for the woman.

Women want their men to be dominant:

Yes it is very true that women want to be submissive in the bed. That simply means she wants you to take the complete charge and lead the way. You need to sure about what you are doing and do it right. You need to direct the way you want it while being respectful and nice to her.

Thus to have a better sex and satisfy your women completely you need to take things in your hand. Make sure she is enjoying the sex as much as you are or more than you.

Women love dirty talk:

Women enjoys a sex completely only when their whole body is stimulated and not only the orgasms. Their brain has to be stimulated too to satisfy her to the fullest. Well to do so you need to take help of dirty talk while having sex. Before you do so make sure she is in the right mood to have sex because she might be offended if she is in no mood to have sex.

They sometimes like it rough

Well we all might know that a woman generally loves it in a soft, nice, caring and loving way. It is true but sometimes they want it rough too. So if you are willing to satisfy your partner completely then you need to give it her sometimes.

There is something else other than clitoris

Focusing and paying complete attention to clitoris only will not help you to satisfy her completely. You need to give vaginal orgasms too by either rubbing or licking it.

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