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It is a common practise of most of the men to run to doctor for prescribed medicines whenever they feel low sexual desires or weak erections. In most of the cases they end up having side effects and make things counterproductive. Having a strong libido and great sex drives though the help of natural ways is the best possible thing you need to do.

There can be lots of reason behind your low sex drive such as overweight, junk, food, alcohol, use of drugs, hormonal imbalances, bad circulation, high blood pressure, poor diet and many more. All these problems can be easily solved by natural remedies which won't cause any side effects.


For most of the mid age peoples sex has become the most boring and tiresome thing to do. Well, because with the age they have lost that energy and charisma that they used to had because of their perfect health condition. To have better sex you need to stay at the most near to perfection health and stay fit. This thing can only be achieved by following exercise routine.

Exercise is good for everybody, from 8 to 80 years old. A little jogging or walking, little stretching and free hand exercise really keep your body in perfect shape. With the help of exercise you are not only improving your sex life but also your overall health.


Many people might be aware of the fact that some specific food helps a lot to increase the libido of the male. One of the great examples is oysters which contains high amount of zinc. Avoiding white cards like white rice, bread and pasta and consuming more vegetables like celery, asparagus, broccoli and raw fruits and fish helps a lot to increase the male libido.


Leading a proper lifestyle is really important so as to increase the sexual desires. Consuming too much of alcohol, use of different kinds of drugs such as ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana, and even prescribed medicines can do a huge damage to your sex life. You might not feel and see any changes when you are start to use them but at one point of time you will be facing real problems with your sexual desires being low.

Herbal supplements:

If you have tried all the three mentioned above and still facing the same problem with your sex drive being low then opt for herbal supplements. As they are made from herbs and natural plants so they are free of any side effects. There are herbal supplements for all possible sexual issues. Some acts as aphrodisiac while others are to boost the testosterone and increase the blood circulation.


A body stops performing like it should do mainly because of the congested liver. There are lots of reasons behind having a congested liver such as pollution, packaged, use of drugs and consuming too much alcohol. By detoxication this problem can be solved very easily and quickly. Thus a healthy libido can be achieved by detoxing body and liver.

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