What To Anticipate After Penile Enlargement Surgery?

What To Anticipate After Penile Enlargement Surgery?

Every surgical process has pain linked with it. The person has to go through psychological pain, particularly in this kind of operation, where the most sensitive region of a man has to go down the knife. Penis is so susceptible that it feels unbearable soreness even, if it suffers a minor hit.

A penis is mans most valued and secluded possession. For this courageous decision a man has a right to recognize what aches to expect during the surgery, right after surgery and post –surgery.

Pains during penis enlargement surgery:

During the surgery the person is given a general anesthesia, which will mask the pain. This is not the moment to show your macho man side but let the anesthesiologist put you in darkness.

Pain just after the surgery:

After the surgery, as the anesthesia starts wearing off you can expect

  1. A pulling kind of pain from the stitches.
  2. The penis tissues and ligaments have been incised and shocked, which will cause another type of pain.
  3. Bruising will source black and blue blemishes that will be painful.

Once you return home – what to expect:

    • The pain will ebb slowly. However, use pain killers vigilantly, only when you experience severe pain. Pain killers have side effects, so use them only at bed time, if necessary. For itching apply reliable skin cream prescribed by the surgeon.
    • The bruising marks that were black and blue will turn yellow. They will take a long time to disappear completely.
    • To keep the swelling down apply ice packs at least three times daily without fail or the outcome might be prolong swelling.
    • When you sleep, elevate your pelvic region in a way that your penis lies above the heart level, to promote drainage, lessen the swelling and give speedy recovery.
    • Sex must be avoided for more than 4 weeks.
    • Bathing is not allowed until the stitches are removed. You can have a sponge bath till then.
    • Driving is not permitted until you stop medications.

Post-surgery pain:

In a few months, most of the pain subsides but residual pain that goes on for long term is present. This pain affects us during certain times:

  • Your bladder always gives a ‘full bladder' feeling even after you have emptied it.
  • It is painful while you start urinating or at the end.
  • Due to penile deformation erections and ejaculation are painful.
  • Sexual intercourse is aching upon insertion.

Most of the patients are lucky and recover without any adverse effects but if these following indications occur after surgery call your surgeon or hospital emergency.

  • Side effects of general anesthesia
  • Extreme bleeding due to insufficient coagulation
  • Chest pains or cardiovascular symptoms
  • Sharp and intense pain at the surgical site
  • Racing and irregular heartbeat
  • Shortness of breathing even when you rest

In majority cases benefits are worth the risk. Nonetheless, every person's body responds differently to the shocks of surgery. You can also discuss the probable complications and risks with your surgeon.

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