Several Penis Enlargement Methods Should Be Evaded

Several Penis Enlargement Methods Should Be Evaded

For years there is dissatisfaction among male population about their endowment. Thousands and thousands of men are frustrated with the size of their penis all around the world. If you are the one suffering from inadequate penis size then there are many enhancement products available that claim to augment your penile size.

However, several of them are dangerous or disguised scams. Men, who are desperate fall for such scams and try these unsafe penile enhancement products, they believe they have stumbled on the right method. They are very much obsessed of augmenting their penile length that they read, see and try it out without thinking of the drawbacks.

Given below is some risky penis enhancement methods, a male should avoid:

Surgery: Penis enhancement surgery is evidently the only enduring answer to penis improvement. Two surgeries are made one for penile length and one for penile girth. For penile length an incision is made on the penis ligaments and tissues, which keeps the penis shaft attached to your body.

This tension is liberated and so more penis becomes detectable thus it is made longer. Furthermore, you will have to hang weights on your penis to enlarge the ligaments or stretching devices are used to avert the ligaments from getting reattached. Consequently, a lasting increase in penis length is achieved.

For penile thickness fats from different parts of the body are injected into the penis, thus penile thickness increases. However, this surgery is highly risky. Scarring, after sometime the injected fats also disappears, loss of feelings, pits and lumps and loss of erection, deformity and painful erections. In addition, it is extremely expensive.

Suction Pumps: Penis enhancement pumps are attached above the penis and its tube is linked to a suction pump that works manually or motor. When the pump is switched on it creates vacuum just about the penis. This causes the blood to rush into the penis and it gets swollen thus causing an erection.

Tight rings are fitted on the erect penis base, this restricting the blood flow, maintain this erection for some time (as mentioned in the guidebook for safety).

These pumps are recommended to males, who are tormented by erectile dysfunction. However, if used vigorously the person has to face vascular injuries. There will be poor urination flow. The penis will have skin blotches. The erection is temporary and has no significant outcome on penis length.

Pills, Patches and Creams: Steer clear from using pills, patches and creams because these supplements declare to hold the flow of blood to your penis. This in turn enables you to achieve pleasure from large erection but enlarges the size of the penis is unlikely.

However, most of the manufacturers avoid sharing their ingredient list, so you cannot tell what it is made off. These products may not cause any side effects but the fact is that they do not claim to cur the ailment but label themselves as vitamins that enhance your penis.

So make sure and take your time to select a safe penis enhancement method that will offer you enduring results to perk up your sex life.

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