Several Myths And Facts About Penis

Several Myths And Facts About Penis

Myth 1: ‘I think my cock is smaller than average'

This outlook has misguided many men because they look down at their flat penis and from the top position it may feel small. To understand the exact size you will have to view it slanting in a mirror.

The men you may have watched on porn with long dicks appear to be in demand are totally far away from feelings. They see the women as sex toys but fake the feeling of provocation and pleasure. You may be astonished to find that the man can actually have rock hard penis but not aroused.

Myth 2: ‘Women desire men owing big penis'

However, only few women like to be stretched during libido but large percentage of women do not care about their man's penis size. It is the male's thinking that more friction means better sex.

Man also thinks that oversized penis can give their woman more sensation. However, woman does not give importance to physical sensation during intercourse but they search for emotional connection of being special, cherished and loved by their partner.

Myth 3: ‘For women bigger penises are better for sex'

Regarding penis many women are not concerned about size but they prefer thick one. Length is not an issue even short penis can reach G-spot by getting creative with different sex positions.

If your man has the precise rhythm, lot of stamina and intense knowledge of your erogenous regions then the pleasure comes naturally in spite of length or thickness.

Myth 4: ‘The bigger the penis, the more masculine I am'

A man feels that large penis declares his masculinity. Actually, it may bring a feeling of confidence, when they walk around the changing room. This is socially constructed belief that penis size is equivalent to maleness.

In reality, there is no connection between manliness and length or thickness of the penis. The qualities that really make you a man are to be a better person, ability to bring up your child, dedication and determination to achieve your goals in life and last but not the least is to be attractive to women.

Facts about penis are:

Fact 1: ‘It is not your size that reckons but what you do counts'

A woman's sexual contentment depends on your aptitude to get intimately close to her and make her feel treasured and dear rather than how your dick can widen her vagina.

The key factor is how emotionally she feels for you, so you have to set her mood that is vital. Thus a woman's sexual pleasure does not depend on penis but on her man.

Fact 2: ‘ There is no clear definition of normal penis'

Every individual differs and their penises are also different.

Fact 3: ‘Use your penis or lose it'

If a male does not have sex their penis really shrinks, so masturbate and experience climax frequently. Scientists have discovered that sexually active men live longer thus sex is good for your penis and your health for all ages.

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