Penis Size Obsession, History And Self Confidence

Further than legends and typecast, every culture has their own calculation of average penis size but the reality of this topic is that everybody is usually the same. It does not matter, which country you belong, the nationwide normal penis size is 6 inches.

This fact was proved by research performed by Journal of Urology in 1996. Another research was conducted by Lifestyle Condoms in 2004. Both researches came to an identical conclusion that normal penis size is approximately 5.08” to 5.9”.

History – penis size obsession

Penis size obsession is traced 2000, years in the past. The figures of leaders, Gods, people in authorities have been displayed of having large members. Ancient drawings obviously specify man's obsession about penis length is not new.

In the remains of Pompeii painted on the wall is a fresco of a nobleman with a mammoth erect penis with the thickness and length bigger than a man's leg. The penis is placed on an antique scale with gold sacks balanced on other side. This image is found on the web and is viewed as a large penis, whose value is weighed in gold.

Weight hanging – Tribal way

Weight hanging is the ancient penis enlargement method that was used centuries ago. The tribal people used a loop contraption that was secured just about the penis head with rocks hanging from the base.

This would elongate the penis longer over years. Today, the same technique of applying tension using traction devices is done. It encourages penis enlargement naturally up to 1 to 2 inches through inducement of fresh tissue cells inside the penis chambers.

Penis obsession rules your mind

For years the culture has influenced how a male's penis must look like and must function. Being a man, the most vital thing is that you feel happy and comfortable with the sexual function of your penis.

Men are so desperate that their minds are ruled by the way their penis looks or is it able to satisfy a woman. This causes an adverse impact on their self-confidence in a large way. They are surrounded by fear due to this mania ruling their mind.

If the size of your penis does not measure up with the society's prediction then their self-esteem gets dashed. So desperately he tries all the tricks presented in the books or available in the market to alter the penis shape to match the probable expectation.

This obsession passes a strong message to your subconscious mind and whatever you do you will not feel happy or good about your endowment or yourself.

Advanced Techniques

Nowadays, with advanced techniques and technology, virtually anyone craving to possess a large penis can have it. There are many natural ways for penis enlargement that are safe without any side effects. There are penis enlargement pumps, pills, extenders, which give you significant penis thickness and length in few months.

However, you will need serenity and time to obtain the best outcomes. Exercises can also be blended with this supplement, which enhances the overall sexual health of your penis. With an enhanced penis size there will be no insecurity and no loss of confidence.

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