Penis Size Myths Are Old Wives Tales

Penis Size Myths Are Old Wives Tales

Many women claim that size is not an issue but there are old wives tales regarding penis size that has been passed down for generations. Must you count on them? Are there really reliable ways to find, if the man you just got acquainted at the pub has to----- take you home? Perhaps not, but is amusing to imagine. At least visualize forecasting his potency by making use of some common myths.

His feet: Men having large feet wear big shoes. According to a popular tradition or lore penis size is linked to foot size but there is no scientific evidence found to confirm it.

His height: Naturally, believed by women that size of men is connected with his penis size. However, it is a wrong belief height is not an analyst of penis size.

His Adam's apple: Outstanding Adam's apple, usually carry deep and sexy voice that attracts attention. However, they are not predictors of penis size. Large ears, nose or any other features of the face indicate the penis size. It is true that eyes are windows to the soul except face is not a window to the penis size.

His race: Average penis size is between 5 to 7 inches, when erect. However, in the Western countries a myth is operating declaring that black men cover large penis. So, condoms having large sizes are sold in black boxes but this is obviously a marketing strategy. There is no scientific proof verifying this myth.

His hands: A mans hand tells us the kind of work he does, whether he smokes, whether he is married and so on. However, no palmist tells about his package. Large hands, foot or Adams apple are no forecaster of penis size.

A study in South Korea has declared that the male's penis will be longer, if the male's index finger is shorter in comparison to his ring finger. The study theorized that this may be due to prenatal testosterone, which is responsible for the development of fingers and penis length.

So, pay close attention, while shaking his hands but do not be flabbergasted to find in his boxers that don't correspond.

Several damaging myths are:

Penis is muscle: This saga gets publicized by manufacturers wanting to sell their penis enhancement products. Promoters sell products by claiming to strengthen and lengthen the penis but actually penis is not a muscle. Penis is a compilation of soft tissues that depend totally on puffing up with blood to get erect.

Average penis is 7” long: Men judge their penis basically with two things they see flaccid penises in the locker room and erect penises of the porn stars. Flaccid penis and erect penis comparison is not an accurate way to gauge your penis size.

All these myths are damaging to males self-esteem. Actually, sexual satisfaction is not just based on penis size only but touch, chemistry, emotions, caring and many other factors count. Being ‘well-hung' gives no guarantee that you will be a great lover.

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