Penis Pumps Or Vcd – Advantages And Risks

Penis Pumps Or Vcd – Advantages And Risks

What is penis pump?

Penis pump is an optional treatment used for maintaining an erection adequate for sex. They are made use by men suffering from erectile dysfunction, the lack of ability to get or sustain an erection.

The penis pump comprises a plastic tube, which is fitted over the erect penis base. This tube is attached to a manual or a mechanical pump. A penis pump is well-known as ‘vacuum constriction device' (VCD).

Why is penis pump good?

Penis pumps or VCD are good for erectile dysfunction healing for several reasons:

  • VCD are effective. With daily practice and accurate application men can obtain an erection adequate for sex.
  • VCD pose less jeopardy than other cure. The rate of risk and complications or side effects is low compared to other erectile treatment.
  • VCD is less expensive. Only one time purchase cost has to be made. Thus the overall cost is extremely lower than any other treatments.
  • Penis pumps do not need incision. Treatment with VCD is natural. No surgery or penile injections are required.
  • VCD can be combined with other treatments. Penis pumps are allowed to be used with a penile implant or medications. Sometimes, combined treatment work wonders for many males.
  • Use of VCD is capable to regain erection after certain actions. For instance, using penis pump after radiation therapy or prostate surgery for prostate cancer can help you to get back your natural erection.
  • Penis pumps are a solution to sexual issues of definite health conditions. Several men have specific health issues like diabetes, where a penis pump can be helpful in regaining or maintaining their sexual intimacy. In Peyronie's disease, which is a disorder that sources bent erections? Penis pumps can help to maintain length and thickness of the penis in such cases.

Penis pumps can be dangerous, if utilized incorrectly. Several disadvantages of pumping the penis are:

  • Rupture of blood vessels: Buy a pump with a reliable gauge and complete instruction guidebook. The pressure gauge must make accurate reading of the vacuum pressure or your blood vessels can be ripped open.
  • Lack of feeling: When the constriction ring is put on your penis gets numb and cold.
  • Contraction of penis: Extra pressure and friction will ultimately build a thin penis. Another drawback is that duration of penis erections might have reduced.
  • Deformation: Performing excessive pumping can transform the shape of the penis. It may start looking unnatural because of repeated manipulation it has to undergo.
  • Addiction: Pump users claim that after using this device they have got highly addicted to it. They feel that they only get erection after using the pump.
  • Short-term enlargement: Reality is that penis pumping caters only a short-term solution. The blood is sucked and trapped in the penis cavities by the ring at the base.
  • Not safe: Penis pump is risky, if you are taking blood-thinning medicines or if you are suffering from blood disorder.

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