Penile Fracture – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Penile Fracture – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

When a sudden trauma is occurred on an erect penis then the person experiences a penile fracture. Here the tissues of the penis get damaged and causes pain as well as erection dilemma. Many males do not report penile fractures due to embarrassment but always remember that this is an extreme condition and urgently needs medical treatment.

The erection of the penis is maintained by tunica albuginea. During the state of penis erection, a direct stress can occur and lead tunica albuginea to crack. A sudden twisting of the penis can result a fracture.

Causes of penile fracture:

  • Position during libido
  • Rough sex
  • Brisk thrusting during intercourse
  • Masturbation
  • Getting too excited and aggressive during sex


  • Cracking sound is heard
  • Severe pain
  • Instant loss of erection
  • Blemishes appear on the penis
  • If urethra is injured then flow of blood from the urethra might occur.

Forget your embarrassment and visit a professional doctor for treatment. Untreated penile fracture has a possibility to cause impotence, physical and psychological issues. So, better to have it treated instantly because the proportion of getting better is high.


Conservative Therapy:

  • Pain killers
  • Cold compresses
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Special bandages
  • Penile splinting
  • Fibrinolytics

These elements obtain satisfactory results in around 80 % patients but in others there may be lingering pain and deformity, which can lead to complexity in sex. Such patients require an urethrogram test that displays the damages caused to the urethral tube (this tube is used for ejaculation and urination).


If the diagnosis reports that the urethral tube is undamaged then any blood collected is drained and the damaged tunica and corpora is repaired. Mostly the results are high but some rare cases are left with bent penis. After surgery the narrowing of the urethral tube occurs in around 20% of men.

Actually, the goal of surgical procedure is to renovate penis length and its various functions, if possible. However, the nerves leading to the erectile tissues are generally not injured, so erectile function is normally sustained. Fine surgery is done by the surgeon through a microscope, which is necessary to reinstate the level of feeling. In comparison to other form of reconstruction microsurgery presents the best opportunity of getting back an effectively functioning urethra.

Special care is taken to connect the veins again, particularly the well-hidden dorsal vein and reinstate the venous drainage. Thus avert swelling and allow the flow of blood smoothly after the operation.

Penis anatomy

Penis is fairly defiant to penetrating injury due to its position and relative mobility. It is protected by bony pelvis surrounding it and the upper thighs sideways, thus preventing damage.

Penis is actually susceptible to injuries. The skin overlying on the penis is baggy and stretchy. This penile skin is flexible to accommodate the flaccid and rigid shape of the penis. The loose skin can be easily ripped from the penis.

Soft tissue penile injury causes

Other penile injuries are often caused due to catch up of the penile skin in the clothing. Clothes getting caught in moving machineries like motorcycles, farm implements or pant zippers can tear the soft tissue of the penis.

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