Benefits And Risks Of Penis Enlargement Treatments

Benefits And Risks Of Penis Enlargement Treatments

For men penis size is the symbol of masculinity and they are highly obsessed regarding it. It is a belief that a bigger penis means better sex dexterity and sex appeal. Every man dreams to be sex God in bed.

In this modern world, the market is full of many kinds of penis enhancement solutions. Actually, everyone gets totally confused trying to decide, which method will suit him, particularly because the pros and cons of each solutions are distinct.

Below are some of the methods that can help you to arrive to a decision.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

This surgery takes place in two sessions, where the first one includes the thickening of penile shaft or augmentation of the girth. Fats are sucked out from the other body parts and injected under the penis skin. This offers the penis its requisite thickness.

In the second session length of the penis is taken into consideration. An incision surrounding the pelvic region is made and the penis ligament is cut. After that it becomes necessary to wear penis extender for certain weeks.

Benefits: Swiftest process of penis enlargement. The person can select to just lengthen or widen his penis.

Risks: Surgery is painful. There are health risks like infection and loss of nerve sensitivity. It is extremely expensive. Lengths gained are moderate. Surgery needs long time for recovery.

Penis Extender Device

The extender device uses traction to change the length of the penis. A ring is fitted at the penile base and another near the penis end. Tension is applied on both ends by a flexible bar. The tension is set according to the comfort level of the person.

To get better results this extender must be worn for some hours daily and for a period of six months with tension modifications as desired. As time passes, the penis stretches from 1 to 3 inches in length along with thickness.

Benefits: The person gets longer and wider penis. Penis size is maintained even after the person stops using the extender. It augments erection hardness. There is no penile injury, if used with care. No risk of any side effects. It is cheaper than surgery.

Risks: Device is small but is difficult to hide under the clothes. The user must be dedicated to wear it regularly for several hours daily and a period of six months.

Penis Pumps

The penis pumps have a tube, which is positioned above the penis and the other end of the tube is connected to a suction appliance. This suction gadget creates vacuity around the penis.

Because of the vacuum created blood rushes into the penis and it gets engorged. Then a ring is fitted around testicles and penis base, so that blood gets trapped in penile cavities.

Benefits: It is easy to use. The results are quick. It is good for treating impotence without drugs.

Risks: The results are temporary. If it is applied inaccurately, it can damage the penile blood vessels. It is not supposed to be used for a long time or blood may get clotted inside and cause a traumatic condition.

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