Tweak Your Techniques – Why Letting Size To Be A Concern

Quite usually in couples, a man is far more concerned for his penis size than the woman who actually has a lot to deal with this size. While this is generally the case, but there are also the reversed situations in few cases. Studies have also revealed that although few but of course there are the cases where a woman retains a pre-requisite of a bigger penis for her pleasure, and she might not prefer a shorter man even though the man has a great history of well satisfying numerous women in his past.

Anyways, keeping aside the exceptional women with personal preferences, for most women it's not primarily the size but the technique of his partner that matters more. It's not the size variations that they love, but the variations in technique of course drive them crazy. Yet, you being a man find it tough to believe this fact, especially if you consider yours' as smaller. The only insignificant concern that dominates your mind and hence your performance is that if you were a bit huge, things would have been different.

Genuinely, there is no point in being so restless for your size. Try tweaking your methods, as that will be more effective and will be loved by your woman. Try different angles, different speeds, different positions, foreplays, utilizing other performers like your tongue and fingers, and a new thing every time. There's no harm in trying a new thing every time, in-fact that will be more fun and pleasure. Understanding each other's body, knowing the right buttons and a lot more of such aspects are more significant for the actual pleasure, and no doubt this needs to experiment with new ideas without being focused for mere size.

Even if a woman gives a preference to size, most of them readily accept that it's the penis girth than the length that fascinates them. So, even a shorter but fatter warrior is more effective than a longer and thinner one. Besides, since most of the sensitive nerves are housed within the first third vaginal zone, so any in-fact every penis over a short specific size is more than enough to bring out all the waves of ecstasy. Ok, hold on. To give you a practical context, you might have noticed the contentment and excitement on her face when you merely tried your fingers for the performance. Now, do you genuinely think that this finger size is anyhow considerable to any penis size?

Now if you think your penis is not that fat or hasn't got the proper girth then, there are few effective ways to make it so. Robber or latex rings, with ribbing or rubs all around the outside, and many more of such tools are available to fit around your penis, and significantly add to your girth.

So it's your technique and the variations in it that is far more significant than your size, to pleasure her. You concern for your size, will only lower your sexual confidence, and ultimately affect your performance. Why to let it be a hurdle, when actually it's not?

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