Physical Traits Might Mislead You For One's Size

You just met a man who was attractive in every way, seemed interesting, was of your kind, fun as a company, and of course clothed. Wish you could actually examine if he is packed with a lengthy tool too down there, so that you could proceed for the real pleasure.

You aren't the first one, many more such minds had already thought a lot more than this, and so there have been developed the common myths that can well pretend to hypothesize his potency.

Start it from down, now while gazing at his feet size or shoe size, you might have remembered the illustrious dated back theory that this size is relevant to his penis size. But of course, there is no scientific evidence yet that can support this theory.

Well a man's hand, if carefully stared at, has a lot to reveal. No, you don't need to be a palmist for it. Is he a manual labor, does he smoke, is he married, and a lot more of your curiosities can be answered, including what actually is the size of his penis. While the other large traits aren't so effective and precise, and even more aren't generally proven for revealing one's size. But when it comes to the fingers, yes these genuinely reveal something. The South Korean researchers must have greatly relied on this theory and so when they carried a study on 144 men, the result concluded that the ring finger to index finger ratio is proportionate to one's penis size. Besides, there are also scopes of scientific reasoning behind this theory, as it's only the prenatal testosterone that determines penis length as well the finger development.

Although, an Adam's apple, nose, or even ear, have always been claimed as indications of one's penis size, but such theories lack scientific reasoning or proofs behind them. So no matter how booming and deep one's voice can be by his Adam's apple but that can never denote more masculinity.

Long men are alluring, right? Even more, few say that a longer man is lengthily endowed with the genitals too, and it seems pretty obvious to believe such a theory. So now, before you start seeking for the longs, you need to know that it is not necessary that there exists proportionate heights of the individual as a whole and his penis.

So now, when you have well analyzed the whole of a man starting from his feet to his Adam's apple, and then to even his height, there seems to be striking his race factor. But again a big ‘no', as even the race has the least to do with a man's size. The average size has always been 4.5 to 7 inches, and that of course has nothing to do with a man's ethnicity. What more, still looking for the black men with probably a huge organ. You might disappoint yourself, and yes there is even abundance of huge penises in other races too.

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