Why Men Are Obsessed With Penis Size?

When it comes to penis size, many men might not be satisfied with their penis size. People are of the perception that if they have a bigger penis, then they might be able to improve upon their sexual performance with their partners. Not only penis size, but the girth of the penis is also important which will be further discussed in this article.

Basic Facts about the Penis

Before we indulge into the details about the importance of bigger penis for men, let us look at some of the basic facts about the penis.

First and foremost the size of the penis differs due to temperature changes. When it is measured in normal temperature, the average length of a non erect penis might be between 3 to 4 inches from the tip to the base.

While indulging in sexual intercourse, a fully erected penis might measure between 5.1 to 5.9 inches. Another amazing fact is that men who have a small non erect penis are likely to achieve a cent percent increase in the length when fully aroused. Similarly men who have a large non erect penis will manage to extend about 75% in length.

Women and Penis Size

Many women tend to get sexually aroused by men who have a bigger and fuller penis. There are two reasons behind this. One, it helps to stimulate their vaginal walls thereby leading to intense and mind blowing orgasms.

Second, a thicker and fuller penis can make women excited, since many women prefer the sensation of feeling stretched around their vaginal entrance. Size generally does not matter to women as the vagina is known to have the capacity of lengthening to accommodate the penis irrespective of penis size.

While women might not think twice about the penis size as long as they are satisfied, but it might prove to be a major concern for their partners. Women might sometimes joke about penis size, which might offend their partners and make them feel unwanted.

How to Achieve the Average Penis Size

Many companies these days come up with new and better products that can help men achieve their ideal penis size. Browsing through a number of stores might give a brief insight of the number of methods and products available in the market and how these can help in giving a fuller and bigger penis.

It is always better to consult doctors or experts on the type of methods that one can adopt in order to be on the safer side. Depending on the patient's medical history, doctors might prescribe pills, devices or exercises that can help to achieve results effectively and efficiently.

Bear in mind that it is not always about the penis size, there are a lot of factors that go into maintain a healthy and balanced sexual life with partners. Men, who are suspicious about penis enlargement methods, can opt for sex toys that can help satisfy women. One can get them from any online store and the delivery will be made in a discreet manner.

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