Extra Martial Affair May Break You Penis

Extra Martial Affair May Break You Penis

As per a research it has been proved that extramarital affair and unsecured sex, happening in unusual circumstances can lead to penile fracture. You may suffer from penile fracture, while having sex or intercourse. The question here is how you can fracture your penis, when it has no bones. The term broken penis is referred to tearing of the tunica albuginea, which is a fibrous inner membrane present inside your penis. During unconventional or unsecured sex these membranes, which surround the corpora cavernosa, are torn, thus causing rigidity. It causes unbearable pain and needs immediate medical attention.

Urologist have claimed that men who suffer from penile fracture are constantly involved in imperfect sex, which is mainly done in unusual locations such as back seat of a car, restrooms, lifts, on job, or others. Men who are involved in extra marital affair always encounter sex positions, thus damaging the membrane of penis. This sudden act leaves them with no time, to protect their most sensitive area at the time of sexual intercourse.

At the time of sexual arousal the tip of penis becomes engorged due to flow of blood, thus increasing its size. Unusual sex will not tear the membrane, but causes internal hemorrhage, swelling, and excessive pain. Unless this torn membrane is not treated well, you might not be able to enjoy sex. In case of penile fracture, you may hear popping sound, with brushes, swelling, and loss of erection.

Treatment for Penile Fracture:

The course of treatment totally depends upon the internal damage caused to unconventional sex. The surgeons perform a surgery, which can fix the torn membrane. The doctor opens up the skin through incision in the penis and fixes the membrane through stitches. It may take around about 30 days for recovery and resume sex.

If this fracture is not treated well on time, then it may create severe health complications. There are 2 types of fracture, namely partial and complete penile fracture. If ignored they can cause long term scarring and building up of scar tissue can leads to erectile dysfunction. At the time of erection, your penis may bend sideways, in other words you may not be able to enjoy sex.

Cause Reason for Penile Fracture:

Men love to be adventurous while having sex, which is one of the main reasons for penile fracture. It is always good to take precautionary measures, while having sex. They have to be careful while having intercourse, especially when there is thrusting and others. The risk of fracture is more during vaginal sex, with women on top position, in missionary position, or while performing sexual acrobatics. It is important to have complete knowledge of safe and secured sex.

You may suffer from bending injuries, even if there is no fracture or torn tissue injury. In order to find the exact reason it is best suggested to consult a physician, who can examine the same. This situation can be related to Peyronie's disease, a condition where the penis bends due to scar on the tissue.

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