Things You Need To Understand Before You Practice Masturbation

Things You Need To Understand Before You Practice Masturbation

There are lots of things need to be understood about sex life. According to lots of studies people are unaware of many of the activities which are being performed before or during the sexual intercourse. You might know about few things, through this article we would like to inform you about various facets of masturbation.

When it comes to the matter of masturbation people have lots of myths which holds them back to perform well during the sexual intercourse. Most of the people think that when you masturbate on a regular basis there will be lots of health related hazards which can spoil your healthy routine. Some of the things which people think that they may suffer from are blindness, insanity, acne or hair fall.

According to the doctors and sexual experts masturbation is one of the oldest and most commonly practiced sexual acts across the world. If you think that there could be health hazards then you are wrong. We have done lots of experiments which have resulted in the useful and essential reports.

Most of the men are unaware of the basic definition of masturbation. In order to make it clear to you, you need to understand what is meant by masturbation. It is basically a self arousal and self satisfying act which can be performed by both men and women. The process involves arousal by simply touching the genitals and then with the help of milking action self satisfaction is achieved.

Masturbation can be accomplished by self or someone else can help in achieving the same. One thing you need to understand that masturbation is a simple and normal act. With the help of this act you can get pleasure as well as important things which will tell you what you like or dislike in the sexual activity.

When it comes to the men, they can easily understand how they can control their tempo for powerful orgasms. With the help of regular masturbation, men can easily get control over the orgasms. In case of women, they can easily understand what exactly it requires to achieve orgasms. As per some reports many couples, masturbate together to make their relationship enjoyable and memorable.

If you think that as a couple if you masturbate then it may hamper your sexual life then it's purely a myth. Some couple does it and some couple don't, its purely their personal choice. Next question that strikes to everybody's mind is that how exactly we need to perform the masturbation. Well, there is a hard and fast rule to perform this.

Its purely individual's choice and selection as how to achieve the satisfaction. In case of men they generally do it by rubbing the penis with their hands. In case of women they generally, touch and stroke the clitoris and surrounding area of vagina.

One thing is very clear; you will not get hurt nor affect your sperm count by performing the masturbation. When you perform the masturbation within your control and with sufficient time gap you will not face any harmful side effects.

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