Your Ring Finger Depicts Your Size

While observing your hands and feet, have you ever concluded that it really bear any indications about your penis size? Many say yes, but are not so sure. The same might be the case with you, as you have already started observing all these three parts of your body keenly.

Its ok you can carry on.

However, it's for sure that the Korean Researchers were never a believer of this theory, and so they invested their time and effort in studying 144 men's size to conclude that it's actually the ring figure that reveals the organ's size.

Everything was done efficiently. Not fifty or sixty, but one hundred and forty four anesthetized men's fingers and penises, in the extended as well as flaccid states, were measured. Ultimately, the team arrived at the final conclusion, and they revealed the awaited secret that it's actually the ratio of one's ring finger to the index finger that is an indicative of his size. As a matter of fact, you people generally have bigger ring finger than the index. So if you have a big ring finger, it itself concludes that you have been quite fortunate considering you endowments.

So while this digit ratio, and partly the prenatal testosterone effects were made responsible for the penile size in men, another team of agile researchers started their study on the latter cause. You may find it quite strange that they chose to carry out the experiments in no other living subject but mice. However, the simple factor to choose mice is that the finger ratios of mice are quite similar to the humans.

Hence this little animal was targeted, and the researchers preceded their work. During their primary developmental phases, one group of the mice embryos was exposed to quite high testosterone level, and the other such group had an exposure to the estrogen. Amazingly, those mice which were in the male hormonal exposure had longer ring fingers, and those with the estrogenic exposure had smaller ring fingers. You can observe one practical aspect of this experiment yourself. For that if you observe the fingers of women, they have generally ring and index fingers of almost similar length, or even if those are unequal the index is generally longer, as was the case with those little feminine mice.

Theories have always been depicted, and those are either accepted or avoided by you. The precision factor of this digit ratio theory over other earlier theories, for depicting the size of man's sexual organ, goes with the result of numerous studies. Innumerable studies had already been done focused on the relevance of digit ratio and the sexual development and behavior of an individual, and the conclusions were quite in accordance with the digit ratio.

So it can be your feet or your hands. However, it's for sure your ring finger that will clearly depict your size. So next time you might not prefer raising your middle finger when you are pissed off, rather the ring finger will give a more precise effect. Isn't it?

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