Permanent Penis Enlargement Techniques - Natural And Artificial

Permanent Penis Enlargement Techniques - Natural And Artificial

Summary: The following article relates to some of the most popular permanent penis enlargement methods through natural and artificial procedures.

Every individual seeks to be awesome in bed with his/ her partner and for this reason the person seeks to undergo various treatments and procedures. For a male it is basically the penis enlargement that is the fact of concern. Larger the penis, the better is the esteem of the man and the better is the sexual desire and pleasure achievement while having sex.

Permanent penis enlargement ways:

There are numerous ways through which a man can permanently get his male organ enlarged up to a suitable length. There are various natural and medical-proven exercises that can be adopted if a person desires penis enlargement naturally. There are also artificial methods related with use of permanent penis enlargement supplements and surgeries.

Natural methods:

Natural systems of penis enlargement are the most advised ways because of the many benefits it offers. They do not involve any kind of medication or surgeries, which makes it so much more preferable. Some of the most prominent permanent natural methods of penis enlargement are-

  • Stretching the penis: This basically involves the exercising of the penis for around half an hour daily. This exercise seeks to extend the penis cells making the penis harder, stronger and longer. The procedure of the exercise is simple and involves holding the genital at the back of the head in an upright position for 30 seconds. Pull the penis as far as possible without inflicting any pain, and then follow similarly sideways and down. This should be carried out many times to get the best results.
  • Ballooning: It is another procedure which also involves no surgeries or intake of drugs. The process is quite simple and basically aims at allowing proper blood circulation via genitals so as to help the corpora cavernosa expand. A person needs to practice this procedure to become perfect in this method, after which he can surely increase the penis size by 1-3 inches. It involves the erection of the penis and then holding the ejaculation around 5 times when you are massaging the genital's entirety. After holding the ejaculation for 4-5 times a person can release it.
  • The milking exercise: It gets its name as such because it is similar to milking a cow. It is also popularly known as jelqing and is effective enough to increase the penis size up to 2-3 inches. The idea involves allowing blood circulation to fill up the corpora-cavernosa similar to ballooning. The procedure of this involves holding the penis, gripping the base of it, then sliding it down towards the head and then sliding it back up.

Medical Procedure:

  • Penile lengthening: This penis surgery involves cutting of suspensory ligament. Then skin is stitched back to cover the new length of the penis.
  • Penis enlargement supplements: The easier way is through the use of penis enlargement supplements that are basically made up of some natural ingredients and some artificialsubstances that facilitate penis enlargement.

Use a step by step guide:

Experts strictly recommend a person seeking permanent penis enlargement to follow such a guide. This guide has all the keys that the person would require on this matter.

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