Penis Enlargement Methods That Can Cause Serious Sexual Issues

Men concerned with their small penis size might be happy to know that due to the innovation of modern technology, many companies have come up with new ways to increase the penis size and at the same time improve sexual performances with partners.

Penis Enlargement Methods That Needs to be Avoided

While going through numerous websites, one might come across many stores that sell products to enhance the penis size. Lower prices and promotion tactics might lure innocent customers into the trap of purchasing the products, but later on prove to be expensive in regard to medical bills. Let us look at some products that can be avoided.

Male Enhancement Creams

Penis creams do not increase the penis size. Studies have proven that they might give an illusion to the customer that their penis is harder and longer, but once the effects of the creams wear off, men are back to where they started.

Sensitive skin people might easily get prone to infections or rashes in the form of blisters that can be quite painful. Similarly some of the companies might add harmful chemicals to these creams that, when massaged can get absorbed into the skin and lead to numerous sexual disorders in men.

Penis Weights

These are one of the many methods that many of the doctors do not recommend to their patients. This method that is practiced from ancient times in order to increase the penis size might cause permanent scars and even impotence in severe cases.

Putting heavy weights on to the penis can damage the ligaments and tissues in the penis, and can sometimes rupture the blood vessels that can in turn lower the blood flow into the penile chambers. This method can even lead to penile curvature issues in men that can be quite painful when it comes to indulging in sexual activities amongst partners.

Usage of Penis Pump & Surgeries

Many men might be aware of the vacuum device, otherwise known as the penis pump. This method follows the suction principle wherein the penis is sucked in to draw in more blood to the chambers. This method is quite risky since continuous usage of this pump can cause the blood to clot in the penis again leading to numerous sexual disorders. Penis enlargement surgeries are quite expensive and can cause erectile dysfunction if not performed properly. Bear in mind that the surgery once performed on the penis cannot be reversed.

Adopting Safe Methods for Penis Enlargement

People looking at safe and positive ways to increase their penis size can look at alternate options such as pills, devices, patched or exercises. Results can be seen slowly and gradually within a matter of weeks or months depending on the objective.

Ensure to go through the instructions that come with these products since these can help to prevent extensive use of these methods thereby keeping the penis healthy and safe. Many of these products are available at online stores along with additional benefits such as CD's, accessories and membership programs that can help people to boost their self confidence and esteem.

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