The Strange Story Of Penis Disappearance

The Strange Story Of Penis Disappearance

Men are always concerned about the size of their manhood. They are always extra cautious about any issues related to the size of the penis. There are many penis related issues that bothers men and it is at that time they look for a better option to resolve them. One of the biggest fears that haunt men is the genital retraction syndrome, which is also known as koro. It is always known as the shrinking of the penis, which will disturbs your sexual life. In this disorder men are always haunted with a fear of fear of losing their penis.

This disorder was at first diagnosed in China somewhere in 300 B.C. It was in the year 1960 a psychiatrist in Hong Kong named Pow Meng Ya, who diagnosed this syndrome and called it as culture bound syndrome. This disorder is more related to mental disorder that prevails in people of certain clans and cultures.

More than any thing this disorder is related to evil or witch practices. Men suffering from this disorder feel that their penis has either stolen or taken away by someone else. This no doubt lets their confidence down as they feel of having no manhood or prudence. There are some Asian countries which states that it is essential to main vitality and not lose any male element.

Consequences of this Disorder:

Men suffering from this disorder are less in confidence and are always at a risk of panic attacks. As per one school of thought, it is believed that such cases tends to occur at the time of sociocultural stress, which has not do nothing with the economic status, election, or other foreign elements. There have been few studies that have proved that the Koro victims suffered from anxiety and stress of losing their penis for good.

No doubt this distracts their normal life and changes their behavior for good. As per a research work conducted by Tseng, in China such incidences occurs once an every 10 years or so. These types of disorders are more prominent in Asian countries, African countries, and others. It is not only men who suffer from thus syndrome, but it is women as well who suffer from the fear of loosing their private parts. In case of women it is their breast that they feel has lost for good.

During this disorder the sufferer feels that their genitals are either retracted inside their body, they have lost it, or it has been removed for good. These syndromes have neither scientific solution nor assistance as well. Thus it is more related to the myth or superstition, which at times is very difficult to be treated.

The worst part of these disorders is that it easily spreads across a group of people or community thus creating unrest amongst them. This disorder is more related to a feel of insecurity, which can be very severe at times. It is more of mental disorder than related to any actual problem. These disorders can be contagious in nature, thus spreading chaos amongst the other members of the community.

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