The Size Of Penis For Better Sexual Life

The Size Of Penis For Better Sexual Life

There has been no end to the debate, whether the size of manhood does matter for enjoying a better sexual life. There has been different school of thought that has been supporting the age old theory of exciting women through big sized penis. On the other hand there are sexologists who claim that size doesn't matter it is the act that makes the moment pleasurable. Well there is no end to this debate as all of them are supported by different facts and research data.

It is strongly believed that longer the size of your manhood, you can try all more fun activities with your partner. The average size of a penis is measured something between 5 to 7 inches, and around about one and a half inch in girth. It is the girth of your penis that is known to excite and content your partner. The enlargement of penis takes place within the girth.

There has been a myth which claimed that the size of a man's nose, feet, or hands determine the size of their manhood. In fact this theory doesn't fit in anywhere as the size of a feet or hands, just determine your height and not the size of your penis. A normal or a bigger sized manhood doesn't indicate of having a blissful and healthier sexual life. It is the blood circulation, strength of penis muscles, and erection makes you fit for a healthier sex. The size of your penis should never be taken as a qualifying feature for a content and happy sexual life.

It is believed that smaller the size of the penis less is the sexual satisfaction, but it is essentially not the fact. Well if the size of the penis is indeed too small, then of course it is a matter of concern. You may consult your physician who can best suggest you a remedy for the same. There are cosmetic surgeons who can try and fix up this issue, thus bringing back your distracted sexual life back on track. Women are always reluctant about the size of the penis, especially when they are not able to satisfy all of their desires. Not to forget, sexual act and techniques plays an important role in alluring your partner, which no doubt is an art which is perfected with experience.

An unhappy sexual life has ended up many relationships abruptly, which has impacted your self esteem and ego. It is interesting to note that there are many facts and conclusions, which talks about the size of the penis, without a fair idea about the scientific facts. Let's take it the other way, would be men satisfied with a women whose private part is huge? The answer to this question is vague as some might be might to relinquish their desire with a woman with a huge hole, while the others might not be. Similarly, women may be or may be not content with large dicked men, as prefer a smooth sex, while the others want to rock the world.

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