Understand The Real Differences Between Surgical And Non Surgical Methods

You come across hundreds of mails every day, some are spam mails and some will have real stuff. In this article we are trying to explain you about some of the important facts about the penis enlargement methods that are available in the market. Most of the people think that these penis enlargement techniques are counterfeit and may lead to lots of complications.

We have done all the hard work and herewith presenting you the gist of 10 existing methods studies. The reports say that with the help of non surgical methods you will be able to really get the desired results. These non surgical methods can really add extra inches to the man's sex organ. Two urological experts from the University of Turin, Italy by named Marco Ordera and Paolo Gintero have spent their lots of time in understanding the factors of surgical as well as non surgical penis enlargement methods.

According to their studies, they took the outcomes of both the types of male enhancement methods. The research involved 121 men who have undergone surgical procedure and 109 men who have used non surgical method. After scrutiny the researchers found that surgical procedures are more dangerous and complicated. They found that the results had undesirable high rate of complexities.

In case of the men who adopted non surgical ways, at least more than one man would notice his sexual organ grow. One example which considered a man who used the traction extender on his penis showed a remarkable average growth of about 0.7 inches that too in flaccid condition. In another example of the same method the results have shown average growth of about 0.9 inches during the flaccid condition and 0.67 inches while it is erect.

The men who used the traction method were able to achieve the enhancement with real hard work. In this method the people really had to use the traction device for about 4 to 6 hours continuously on each day. The usage was recommended for four months and in the second case the treatment lasted for about 6 months.

There was one more case study in which two patients of erectile dysfunction were considered. In this method the patients used the peno-scrotal rings on their penis. The ring was fitted around the scrotum and base of the penis. With the regular usage on a continuous basis the patients were able to enhance the length of their penis and at the same time they were able to maintain the erection power.

Considering all the above mentioned examples it is quite obvious that guys ask the question that is bigger penis really needed? The studies have shown that people who seek for the treatment of small penis fall under the category of normal penis size. The experts say that it's the men's understanding about the penis size. The patients were counseled that those who have penis size smaller than 1.6 inches during flaccid and less than 3 inches during erect condition are said to have smaller penis.

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