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Penis size has always been the area of concern for men across the world. There have been many researches and studies which show that size is very significant in deciding the male fertility. When you think of the size generally it is a confusing statement, according to the experts' suggestions you need to measure length from the anus to underneath the scrotum which is known as anogenital distance or simply AGD.

Fertility testing is said to be in complete if it is not invasive. There has been one research conducted by the University Of Rochester Medical Center, which says that the length of your penis could contribute a lot towards the fertility. Other than this there were many other studies and researches conducted in this subject.

According to one of the studies conducted by a popular reproductive epidemiologist and professor in obstetrics and gynecology at the Rochester University Shanna Swan, AGD is linked with semen volume as well as sperms count. The reports say that a person measuring median AGD with two inches is having greater risks of having infertility problems than a person who is having longer AGD.

People who are having the above mentioned size of penis are likely to have only 20 million sperm count per milliliter. The experts say that men who are having sperm count of this value are having only 50% of chances of getting their partner pregnant when compared to the men who are having sperm count between 50 to 60 million per milliliter.

There was a research conducted on 126 students to measure the AGD and since the students were not willing to get their partner pregnant the researchers could not proceed to analyze why they have shorter AGDs. When the researchers looked back for the data they came out with an interesting fact that when the pregnant women get exposed to the controversial chemical known as phthalates used in the perfumes and personal care products may give birth to boys having shorter AGDs.

The studies also have shown some shocking facts that the above said chemicals can be present in your daily used products such as shampoos, PVC infused products such as shower curtains and even the floor coverings. As a result continuous usage of the products which have the said chemical may endanger you with the shorter AGDs.

The studies were conducted in 2005 and again in 2008, the reports resulted from researches have shown that mothers who were exposed to phthalates chemical during pregnancy bore baby boys with smaller AGDs and penis size. The same research was earlier conducted on the animals. Shorter than average AGD in male rodents has resulted in the infertility.

Swan made it very clear that chemicals are not the only reason for the shorter AGDs but there are other factors as well which will contribute towards this syndrome. The experts made it very clear that AGD is a very reliable factor which can give accurate readings regarding the AGDs. This test can give vital information about the fertility related issues in men.

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