Know About Your Penis

Your penis is connected to the glans with the help of thin skin. Corona is a bell shaped area located at the bottom of the glans. The skin that covers glans is known as foreskin. The opening called Meatus at the glans is where the ejaculation or urination process takes place. A flesh bag known as the scrotum in medical terms is the houses of testicles. There are some other parts that complete the structure of your penis.

The glans which is also known as head of penis is surrounded by a thin layer of skin that comprises of numerous nerves – endings. Because of the nerves endings you will feel the skin to be very sensitive to touch. At birth, your foreskin skin covers the head of your penis and its lower side. It is attached to the inner surface of your foreskin by the frenulum.

In medical terms, frenulum is the small piece of skin which is present beneath your penis. It can be located at the place where the glans meets the shaft. Among all the parts explained foreskin plays very important role in protecting your penis. In some cases such as religious basis or from the hygiene point of view the foreskin is removed. The process of removing the foreskin is known as circumcision. This process is generally performed at tender age.

Within your penis the erectile tissues can be located and is abundantly rendered with sensory nerves. The penis is satiated with robust system of blood vessels, which are surrounded by the three chambers made of spongy tissues. All the sex related processes will take place when there is a supply of blood to your penis. During the flaccid condition there will be no supply of blood and when there is ample volume of blood supply you will achieve the erection.

Scrotum is basically a pouch that holds the testes and is located at the bottom of your penis. According to the medical explanation for the healthy sperms to be produced the testes need to be stored at lower temperature than rest of your body. The ideal temperature will be maintained within the scrotum with the help of a muscle that responds according to the outside temperature variations.

When you consider the inner portion of your penis, the important and most popular parts are the testicles. There are basically two some of the most important functions of the testicles are:

  • Production of the sperms.
  • Production of male hormones which is known as testosterone.
  • Storage of sperms in a protected condition

Production of sperms will continue in a man's life until and unless there is a specific problem of infertility. Once the sperms are produced within the chamber they will be moved to a large tube where they continue to mature for about six weeks. Once they mature the ejaculation process will take place from one of the chambers present within your penis.

You need to take extra care of your penis in order to protect it from any sort of external damages.

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