Is Penis Size Important To Man Or Woman?

There have been many debates on the penile size, each time the matter came to discussion the media posted that the bigger penis really helps in getting better results. As a result of this kind of statements the penis size has become one of the major factors which people think that is a deciding factor for the sexual prowess and masculinity. When you see the porn movies they depict that a man with larger and bigger penis will be able love his partner in a better way than a person who is having smaller penis.

The studies have also shown that women actually love me who possess larger penis. In spite of all the debates the question, does a man's penis size really matters for a woman remains partially unclear. Reports from the researches which were conducted over 30 years ago show that penis size has a little impact on woman's physical pleasure. Researchers also conducted studies to understand the psychological impact of men's penis size on women's sexual arousal.

In one of the case studies undergraduate women were asked to read an arousal story. In this story the men were having different sizes penis such as small, medium or large. Even though the stories were very much arousing the researchers found that there was no significant change in the women's arousal based on the man's penis size.

One thing emerged as the interesting fact from this study that, women who have positive response towards the sexual stimuli will have more arousal. In this case the stimulus was the man's penis size. This means as the woman reads about the larger penis there will be enhanced arousal.

Apart from hypothetical penis sizes the researchers also explored the positive response as well as women's feeling about their partner's penis size. The reports say that most of the adult females rate their spouse's penis size as standard, which is about 67%. Almost, 27% of women expressed that their partners are having larger penis. Very few, i.e. less than 6% of women expressed that their partner's penis size is small.

With all these statistics about 85% of women expressed that they were happy with their spouse's penis size. This analysis showed a clear indication that men who are quenched with the size of their penis are to feel happy. If you feel that you are having a smaller penis then rethink on your decision and analyze the satisfaction level of your partner. This will give you better idea as what needs to be done.

For a satisfactory sex real and deeper penetration is required. With this you will be able to decide on the penis size. There are many sexual activities which do not require penetration. If you go on judging your penis size based on that then you may end up in a wrong side. Researches also show that penis size matter most to a man than a woman. It is therefore purely one's perception and physical satisfaction.

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